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Where does YOUR First Loyalty lie? Our Race is Our Religion (May, 1985) continued (PAGE 2)

Goals and Objectives. Some of the goals Mohammed evidently had in mind were:

(a) To unify various loose and scattered desert tribes into a
powerful and polarized political and religious body.
(b) By ordaining several daily ablutions as part of their religious
ritual to those primitive tribes (whose private habits at best were un-
sanitary, and at worst, downright dirty) he sought to improve their
physical and personal habits of cleanliness.
(c) Give these primitive desert tribes inspiration, direction and
some sense of moral responsibillty.
(d) Build a powerful political empire with himself at the head.
In all these goals Mohammed succeeded rather well.
Creativity's Goals have been spelled out in great detail in our
basic books. They are clear, comprehensive, constructive and con-
sistent. They encompass the entire Planet Earth as a unit, not mere-
ly a limited area of real estate.

Without reviewing our entire creed, the highlights of our goals
and objectives can briefly be stated as follows:
1 . The survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race,
and the White Race exclusively.
2. To inform, arouse and unity the White Race into a solid bat-
tering ram so that it can break the Jewish stranglehold and take
charge of its own destny.
3. To get the Jews, the niggers, the mud races, and the
freeloaders and other parasites off of the backs of the White Race.
4. To give the White Race a sense of awareness, of morality and
5. To provide a meaningful plan and blueprint for the future of
the White Race.
6. To create a strong sense of Racial Loyalty towards the White
Race among all the White nations and peoples of the world.
7. A Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound
Environment, as spelled out in our program of SALUBRIOUS
8. A universal language, namely Latin, for all the White peoples
of the world.
9. Eugenics. To work in harmony with the Laws of Nature and
to upgrade our White gene pool.
10. To build a Whiter and Brighter World, with the White Race
ultimately and exclusively inhabiting all the worthwhile real estate
of this Planet Earth.

For a more comprehensive summation see "20 Basic
Points of Creativity" in the beginning pages of this book.

More about Mohammnedanism
The Koran. as we have pointed out is not only regard-
ed as the sacred book of the Moslems, but is considered
as holy in itself written by God, and not to be question-
ed. I have tried to read many ports of it on several occa-
sions and find it extremely boring, conjusing and

It places women in un extremely inferior status as a
mere servant of the male gender, to bear children and
to satisfy his sexaul desires. It also condones polygamy,
a practice that has been shunned by most White

One profound diference between a Kosher
Konservative and a Creator is that whereas the
former professes his first allegiance to a Jewish
Jahweh, a fictitious tribal spook, our loyalty first,
last and always, belongs to our own race.

We Creators deem treason against the White
race us the gravest of all sins.

Treachery Recalled
The Anatomy of a Kosher Koservative

This clinical diagnosis concerns a certain Dr. John Grady, M.D.,
who lives near a small village in Tennessee called Benton. Dr. Grady
is not just an ordinary doctor of medicine, but has a number of
unusual credentials outside of the medical profession. He first rose
to prominence as an articulate member of the John Birch Society
and soon was elevated by Robert Welch himself to be on the Board
of Directors of that society, a group that I myself joined in 1963 and
resigned from in 1969 when I discovered to my regret that the main
objective of that Jew-loving society was to confuse the White goyim
and run interference for the Jews.

Dr. Grady further enhanced his status when he ran for the U.S.
Senate on the American Independent Party ticket in 1974, but came
out a poor third in a three way race. It was at this Hme that he receiv-
ed national prominence as a Conservative, but soon ran into the ire
of Robert the Welcher himself, who could not tolerate another Prima
Donna upstaging him on his own turf.

In the ensuing hassle, the articulate doctor resigned from the
Birch Society, and moved his practice to Benton, Tennessee. He
formed the APRA, The American Pistol and Rifle Association, a sort
of miniscule imitation of the giant National Rifle Association, but
with a "God and Country" flavor.

Since Benton, Tennessee, is only about 120 miles from Otto,
N.C., I took the time to visit the good doctor a few years ago in an
attempt to establish friendly relations with a group that espoused
a cause that we of the Church Of The Creator also highly promote,
namely the right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Se-
cond Amendment. The doctor showed me the courtesy of spending
the afternoon with me, showing me the layout of his spread, the
target ranges, and the countryside in general. I thanked him for his
time and courtesy and left him some of my literature, Including a
BIBLE. He, in turn, supplied me with his literature. Although we had
a few different viewpoints on religion, we did not discuss them, and
I left considering his group to be more or less in the same camp as
we were. When I discussed the Jewish menace, the doctor would give
me the "wink, wink" sign, as if he knew all about it too, but strange-
ly stayed shy of the subject.

When we started publishing RACIAL LOYALTY two years ago,
we put him on our gratis mailing list, a courtesy we extended to a

number of those groups with whom we considered we had something
in common.

We were, therefore, somewhat surprised when last week we
received a note on his letterhead, signed by Mrs. Grady, instructing
us to send no further literutare and that they did not
subscribe to "hate" journalism.
My Hasta Primus, Carles, thought there must be some mistake.
On his own volition, he took the liberty of calling the doctor himself,
to determine whether those were his sentiments also.
Now my Hasta Primus is a rather loquacious and articulate in-
dividual himself, but in the ensuing conversation he claims he hard-
ly got in more than twenty words edgewise. In a rapid fire barrage
the doctor conveyed to him that:
(a) Ben Klassen is some sort of ego-maniac who probabiy never
tried to get along with other races.
(b) People like us, the Nazis, the Klan, and other racist groups
are giving the right-wing conservatives a bad name.
(c) His (the APRA) group does not subscribe to "hate" literature.
(d) He is trying to save what is left of Christian society.
(e) His goal is to preserve the Constitution for those who may
follow so they can enjoy the same opportunities that we have enjoyed.
(f) He is a doctor of medicine and gets literabre every day from
"nuts" like us who think they know better than does the AMA.
(g) No hard feelings, of course.
Of course, doctor. No hard feellngs on our part, either. As Sgt.
Joe Friday used to say on DRAGNET, "Just the facts, Ma'am."
Strangely, I had already written the lead editorial on God and
Country, the Flag and the Constitution when we received Dr. Grady's
note. It struck me graphically how much the honorable doctor fitted
into the prototype of the Jew-loving Kosher Konservatives with their
staid, shop-worn cliches that had confused the White Race for all
these decades while the Jew was sinking his poisonous tentacles
deeper into our society and consolidating his tyrannical power with
which to liquidate the White Race.
I also happened to recall a gross treachery Dr. Grady
perpetrated, not on me, but on the White Race of America. It is this
treachery that has rankled in me for ten years, and now that I unders-
tand the nature of this individual more clearly, the time has come
to expose it. Yes, when it comes to treason against the White Race,
doctor, I have a long memory. It is THE GRAVAMEN, this in-
dictment against the doctor, that weights most heaily, and
the main reason why I am writting this expose at all.
But first, let us answer the petty charges the doctor leveled
against us, one by one.

(a) This petty business about egotism reminds me about the time

in grade school when any bright student who would make 98 per-
cent in a spelling exam and some dumb bunny would inavaribly come
back with the standard put-down "you think you're pretty smart, don't

Doctor, all I can say is that anybody who comes out and takes
a stand on an unpopular issue, will be called names. Christ knows
I have been called so many names, that they now roll off me as easi-
ly as water rolls off a duck's back. Anyone who sets out to do
something important and meaningful, can and will be called an
egotist. Name calling is absolately the lowest denominator in the pro-
paganda game, and the Jews, the communist and the Christians
have developed this treacherous art to an unbelievably vicious level
achieved by no other groups. The procedure is relatively simple. First
of all you invent a stable of derogatory words, such as anti-Semitism,
Nazi, racist, capitalist, atheist, anti-Christ, hate-groups, etc. Then
by heaping scorn, contempt and derision (Karl Marx s words) on
these terms repeatedly and endlessly, the public learns to genuflect
and react to them like a Pavlovian dog. Once their repugnance has
been firmly established, then all the name caller has to do is reach
into his stable of trigger words and hurl them at his opponents. No
logic, no reasoning, no further explanation is necessary. As I say,
the Jews, communists and Christains are the world's
foremort experts in this field and tbeir whole world
phillosophy is built on hate and name calling.

Now as far as ego-maniacs are concerned, doctor, as they say
about thieves - it takes one to know one. As I recall, your love af-
fair with the John Birch Society was terminated not so much because
of any disagreement in philosophy, but purely on the basis of
egotistical jealousy between yourself and the then head honcho,
Robert the Welcher. As I further recall, the Welcher wrote you a long
letter in which he repeatedly emphasized your Prima Donna tenden-
cies, and you, in turn, related to me what a jealous, unbearable ego-
maniac the Welcher himself was. No hard feelings, doc, but I say:
Physician, heal thyself.

Taking this ego-trip business a little further, I suppose the "you
think you are smart" put-down can be hurled at just about any achiever
by the non-achiever, and generally is. Certainly your favorite wimpy
Jew, Jesus Christ himself made such flagrant self-inflating claims
as "I am the way and the light, and nobody comes to the Father but
through me." He also made a dozen similar highly egotistical claims
about how perfect he was compared to all of us lousy sinners, but
being a spooky Jew from the never-never land, I presume that as
a Catholic you condone, approve and admire such ego-inflating
claims made by the mythical himself about himself.

Speaking of Jesus Christ, I want to further remind the good doc-

tor that this circumsized Jew (for whose existence there is no
historical evidence) also rendered some extremely bad, suicidal ad-
vice to the goyim, namely (a) sell all thou hast and give it to the nig-
gers, (b) love your enemies, (c) turn the other cheek, (d) judge not,
(e) pluck out thine eye, (f) cut off thine hand. There is more - need
I go on?
So much for ego-maniacs. No hard feelings, doc. Just the facts,
(b) We now come to the doctors' accusation that "people like
us" are giving the conservatives and the right-wing a bad name. There
are a number of muddled implications in this accusation, but I want
to shaighten out at least two of them. (1) Our church (and any other
groups for that matter) may have a number of characteristics in com-
mon with a thousand other different groups, depending on what
criterta you choose to select. We may even have some charactertics
"in common" with our enemies, if you plck the right criteria. For in-
stance we, are a religion, as is Christianity. We are a racial religion,
as is Judaism. We are for keeping our guns, as is the APRA. We are
for the White Race, as is the Klan, and as are the Nazis, as is Tom
Metzger of the White Aryan Resistance, as is George Dietz of
the Liberty BeIl, as is the NSRP, as is Aryan Nations in Idaho, and
hundreds of other groups and organizations.

However, we are unique and not the same as any of
them. For instance, in Expanding Creativity, Issue Number 4 we list eight
(count them - eight!) fundamental differences between us and Hitler's
National Socialist Party. Whereas I greatly admire Adolf Hitler, our
creed and program is NOT the same, nor is it the same as any other
group. We are, I repeat, unique - a White Racial religion such as
the White Race has never had before in its history. So please, doc,
don't lump us.
(2) The second point is that we are neither right-wing, nor con-
servative and have consistently denounced both groups as ineffec-
tive relics of a dead past, completely out of touch with reality. The
key article in this Issue of this book entitled "Our Race is Our
Religion" expounds this fully, therefore I need not repeat it here.
Since we are no part of the right-wing or conservative move-
ment, it is impossible that we could be giving these archaic holdovers
a bad name. Any bad name they have they have earned on
their own hook, and richly deserve.
(c) Regarding APRA not subscribing to "hate" Iiterature, this
is rather a silly cliche for which the Jews and Christians are notorious.
There is nobody that "hates" more intensively than do the Jews and
the Christians and the Old Testament is full of the Jewish Yahweh
impeiling his "Chosen" to lay siege to the goyim's lands and cities
in the name of friendship and "peace" (shalom) and if they resist to

kill every living thing that breathes. (Read again Chapters 10, 11
& 12 of NATURES ETERNAL RELGION). The Christians, in turn,
when they had unchallenged power, used the Thumbscrew and Rack,
not to mendon burning at the stake, to lovingly "convince" their
enemies. (Read again Creative Credo Number 57 "Thumbscrew and
Rack" in the WHITE MANS BIBLE). So please, dont pull this
phoney pIoy about us being the haters. Actually the overwhelm-
ing motivation of the Church Of The Creator is love of the
White Race, and to save it from genocide by the most vicious
haters of all time - the treacherous Jews, whose very
religion is based on hate.
What you and the Jews are really telling us, doc, is this: Hate
your own kind, but love the Jews and your other enemies!
Frankly, we Creators are not that stupid and I hope you are not
(d) Dr. Grady says he is trying to save what Is left of Christian
Society. Really? What for and for whom? I ask this question in the
same vein as I asked the Mormons about "saving" the so-called seven
Polynesian "cultures" in their center in Hawaii - are they worth sav-
ing, and if so for whom? Is Christanity, after its repeated failure to
improve "humanity" over the last 2000 years and its dire conse-
quences to the White Race - is it worth saving? We Creators res-
pond with a loud and emphatic no, it is not. It is a Jewish disease
inflicted on the minds of the White Race and has been instrumental
in bringing down, first of all, the great Roman Empire, in ushering
in 1300 years of the Dark Ages, in making Jewish Communism possi-
ble, and in the end, the violent destruction of Nature's Finest.
Save what is lelf of Christianity? You might as well be dedicated
to saving cancer, leprosy and syphilis. They are aIl deadly poisons
to the White Race. Let me point out that if the White Race is
destroyed and this country is inhabited by wall to wall niggers,
Voodooism, not Christanity will be the religion of the realm.
(e) Dr. Gradys goal of preserving the Constitution for those who
may follow is so they can enjoy the same opportunities we have

Since I have already covered this subject In the lead article star-
ing on Page 1, I need not go over this ground again. I wlll add three
points of emphasis:
(1) The Constitution has now been converted into a powerful tool
used to vioIently force integratlon on the White Race with the nig-
gers and other mud races, and:
(2) When and if the Jews achieve their long sought goal of wip-
ing out the White Race both Christianity and the Constitution will
go down the drain with it.
(3) We are not now "enjoying opportunities" under the Constitu-

tion. Constitution or no Constitution, we are now under the tyran-
nical heel of a Jewish Occupational Government (JOG), as is Ger-
many, as is England, as is Russia, and every other country in the
world. The White taxpayer of America in particular is being
plundered on a scale as has no other group in histroy
before. We are now helping to support and feed all the scum
and mud races of the world, whose numbers are exploding
at a frightening rate. Through the strong-armed goon squad
called the IRS we are forced to fork over the major proceeds
of our earning which futher go to reinforce and expand
the Jewish power structure that is strangling us.

Those who resist are selectively and ruthlessly gunned down by
a Jew-organized team of FBI-CIA and SWAT agents, as was Robert

Opportunities for our children? Unless, we the White Race,
organize ourselves for our own survival, our descendants have no
future. They will be mongrelized mulattoes, living in a country in-
fested by wall to wall niggers, ruIed by an ironclad Jewish Tyranny.
(f) We now come to the sorest point of all, the one on which the
doctor is most sensitive and is running scared. That point is the ma-
jor hoax that "medicine" heals, a claim that has been overwhelm-
ingly discredited, and not supported by either empirical nor scien-
tific evidence. Like the Christianity hoax, it is a fictituous concept,
a concept that has been around more than 3000 years. It is a dogma
which has been indoctrinated to the gullible, and has proved to be
a powerful tool in extracting huge sums of money from its hapless

Unfortunately, it took the first 50 years of my life before I became
aware of what a cruel hoax was Jewish-Chsistianity. It took another
eleven years before I looked more deeply into the enoneous assump-
tion that "medicines" are cures for human ailments.

Needless to say that once alerted, as in the Christiantty hoax,
the evidence was overwhelming that the basic premise of medicine,
the basic dogma of the AMA, that medicines can cure, is a fraudulent

The fact is that "Medicines" are drugs, are chemicals,
are poison:, all toxic to the human body. They are alien
subtances that poison an already ailing body further, com-
pound the problem, and often kill.

True, some pills can suppress pain. Aspirin can, so can heroin,
so can chloroform. If you drink a bottle of booze that, too, will help
you to feel no pain. it might even kill you and "cure" your pain forever.
But do they cure the cause? No, they do not. Basically, all they do
is suppress the symptoms, give "temporary relief" as the hype
on the electronic Jew tube keeps repeating in a hundred commer-

cials a day. But they do not cure the cause. They exacerbate
and compound it.

Since the literature on this subject is voluminous, it is not
necessary for me to review it here. I have already covered it
thoroughly in Creative Credo Nos. 4 to 12 in the THE MAN'S BI-
BLE. Arnold De Vries has treated it much more thoroughly in 21
chapters of our book, SALUBRIOUS LIVING. Mr. T.C. Fry has two
articles on the subject in the May issue of our monthly periodical
"Racial Loyalty." His HEALTHFUL LIVING magazine has volumes
of information available every month. Dr. Herbert Shelton, who died
Just recently at the age of 90, has written reams of material on it
for more than half a century.

Rather than review such volumes of information let me briefly
point out some basic parameters.
1 . Doctors themselves, because they partake of their own "medicine"
are some of the best paid, but sickest people in the country. A
greater percentage of doctors become drug addicts, com-
mit suicide, die of heart attacks, than does the average
citizen who seldom goes near a doctor.
2. Forty per cent of all illnesses and deaths in the United States re
reported to be Iatrogenic - that is because of trertment
dispensed in a hospital or by a doctor.
3. When doctors went on strike in Canada for a period of
time, the death rate fell sharply and the undertakers complain-
ed. The same thing happened when the doctors went on strike in
Israel, and also in Los Angeles.
4. Medical and "heaIth care" expenses are going up even more rapaidly
than the population explosion of the mud races.
S. The average M.D. doesn't know beans about nutrition and
proper diet, and usually dismisses the subject as of little

6. The hierarchy of the AMA is heavily dominated by Jews.
There is much more, and I have already indicated where you
may delve deeper into this hoax. Let me admit that I will not change
Dr. Grady's attitude on the drug pushing racket. What can he do
but continue? His income, his lifestyle and his prestige depend on
sticking with it, whether he believes in it or not, and he probably
does. Like the drug pusher in Miami says, "Vere else could I make
such a killing?"

Actually, there is little or no difference between "legitimate"
prescription drugs and the "illegitimate" drugs peddled by drug
pushers, as far as their toxic effect on the human body. They are
all toxic, all are poison. The fact that the AMA arbitrarily rules
one as legitimate and another illigitimate makes no difference to the
human system.

Just as the Federal Reserve can arbitrarily designate our
countereit bills as "legal tender" so can the powerful Jew dominated
AMA rule any drug "legitimate" as they see fit, though it may cause
untold misery to millions.

If Dr. Grady keeps getting messages kom thousands of "nuts"
like us trying to tell him there is something wrong with the state of
medicine, perhaps he had bener pay heed. They probably have a
valid point.

All the foregoing would only be so much backround, and I would
never have bothered to write this article at all, if that were the whole
story about Dr. John Grady, M.D. But I have a long memory for
treachery against the White Race and such acts of betrayal. We
Creators neither forget nor forgive. We now come to the
GRAVAMEN, the accusation that weighs most heavily against the
doctor, a perfidy against the White Race that was perpetrated more
than 10 years ago.

In 1974, Jack Eckerd, a White Protestant drugstore tycoon, ran
for the United States Senate from the State of Florida, on the
Republican Party ticket. Pitted against him was Richard Stone, a
militant, liberal, pro-Zionist, pro-Israel Jew, running on the
Democratic Party ticket. This was at a time when Richard Nixon
had won his second term in one of the biggest Republican landslide
victories of all time in 1972, and the Jewish Watergate onslaught
had not yet reached its crescendo.

Jack Eckerd had a better than even chance of winning. In fact,
his chances were excellent. Into this fray jumped our Kosher Konser-
vative doctor, John Grady, who was at that time residing in
Okeechobee County of Florida. He ran on the American Indepen-
dent Party ticket, the same party of which I myself was State Chair-
man in 1968, and resigned from in 1969 when I became acutely aware
of the fact that George Wallace was selling the White Race down
the river.

Jack Eckerd was one of the few candidates of a national stature
that had the guts to list his qualifacations against that of his Jewish
opponent, and in the two columns appeared the category RELIGION.
He factually listed himself as Protestant, his opponent as Jewish.
This was an absolute no-no, as far as the Jewish establishment
was concerned, and all hell broke loose. The ADL, the AJC and all
the other Jewish organizations screamed to high heaven (Anti-
Semitism!) and even threatened to cut off his trade credits against
his drugstore chain. Unfortunately, under all this pressure Jack
Eckerd capitulated, and in a series of massive newspaper ads
apologized for his unrequitable sin.
But that is another story.

The statistics of the election show that it was very close, that

Jack Eckerd would have won handily, had it not been for the spoiler,
Kosher Konservative Dr. John Grady entering the race. The resulults
were as follows:
Dem. Richard Stone
781,031 votes, or 43.4 %
Rep. Jack Eckerd
736,674 votes, or 40.9 %
A.I.P. Dr. John Grady
282,659 votes, or 15.7 %
Richard Stone the Jew attracted the liberal vote of Jews, nig-
gers and the White Liberals. The conservative vote on the other hand
was now split betwem conservabve Republican Jack Eckerd and con-
serative A.I.P. candidate John Grady. It is therefore obvious that
the overwhelming votes Dr. Grady syphoned off were at the expense
of White Protestant Jack Eckerd.

Had Grady not run, obviously Jack Eckerd would have served
in the U.S. Senate for the next six years, (and probably a second
term) instead of liberal Zionist Jew Richard Stone. I charge Dr.
John Grady of being instrumental in putting Jew Richard
Stone in the Senate.

So the question remains: Why did Dr. Grady enter the race
as a spoiler? Obviously, he did not have the chance of a snowball
in hell of winning, as his 15.7 per cent clearly indicated.
Was he not aware of the consequences of his spoiler role? Who
put him up to it? Was he fully aware and deliberately entered in order
to help Stone win a race he would otherwise not have won? Did the
John Birch Society (who has always been pro-Jewish) engineer the
campaign? Did the Jews inveigle Grady to run and offer financial

In any case, he can hardly plead innocence on the grounds "I
didn't know the gun was loaded." He is much too intelligent not to
have foreseen the consequences.

Now I am not a mind reader and cannot portend a man's intent.
However, we can and do read the consequences, and the fact is that
Dr. John Grady, M.D., wittingly or unwittingly put Richard Stone
in the U.S. Senate for six years by launching his own otherwise
pointless and abortive campaign. If so, he committed treachery and
reason against the White Race and I wonder out loud how much
Jewish money and influence was instrumental in getting him to run
and finance his campaign? How much White "conservative" money
went down the rathole in supporting this classic textbook example
of the Jewish tactic of divide and conquer?
We wlll never know for sure, but I am not willing to give Dr.
Grady the benefit of the doubt. For anybody that understands the
treachery of Jewish tactics, this case fits the pattern too glibly, and

too obviously, also, the results accrued overwhelmingly to the benefits
of the Jewish power establishment. With such preponderance of
evidence, it is hard to ignore the conclusion that delibrate skulldug-
gery was involved, and the campaign planned to achieve the results
it did.

Half century ago Hitler succeeded in uniting
all the Germans. It is the unswerving goal of the
Church of the Creator to arouse, unify and
polarize all the White peoples of this Planet Earth.

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