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The Time has come for The White Race to establish its own POLE STAR (January, 1985)

Issue No. 20, January 1985

The Time has come for
The White Race to establish
its own POLE STAR

There is a fierce and us yet unresolved bat-
tle of ideas going on for the possession of men's
minds. In order to survive the White Race must
polarize its own goals.

In studying the history of Navigation, we find that during and
immediately after the Fifteenth Century the White Man's progress
in navigation on the high seas took a quantum leap. It was during
the latter half of the 15th century that he became capable of mak-
ing long forays down the west coast of Africa, discovering islands
in the Atlantic formerly out of reach, and in 1492 Columbus was able
to make his epic voyage across the Atlantic and discover the New

From there on out there were no limits on this our Planet Earth.
The White Man was motivated by a burst of energy as never had been
witnessed before. The Era of Discovery and Colonization set in, and
it was the White Man exclusively whose brilliant energy and genius
was the center of it all. South America was soon discovered, explored
and colonized by the Spaniards. Magellan circled the globe and Cap-
tain Cook "discovered" Australia, the Hawaiian Islands and many
areas of the Pacific heretofore unknown. This was the White Man
at his best.

What sparked this illustrious burst of discovery and coloniza-
tion? There were several key factors and we might say that it was
an idea whose time had come. There was a partial improvement in
the size and durability of the sailing vessels, but whereas this was
a factor, It was not major. The most important item was that
the White Man was learning the art of navigation, a pursuit
that was strongly upgraded by Henry the Navigator of Portugal.
He started a school for navigation, and collected, studied and im-
proved the known arts of navigation as they stood in the middle of
the 15th century. This provided the needed impetus and soon the
White Man's ideas about the world began to change in conformity
with reality. Once the White Man realized the world was round, not


flat; that it spun about its axis; that that axis pointed to the Polar
Star; discovered the magnetic compass; and that it pointed to
magnetic north; discovered the sextant; Mercator drew his famous
charts and innovated numerous other aids. From there on out the
White Man was off and running and soon reached and colonized all
the worthwhile territories in the world.

In the meantime, although technology, colonization and
navigation were burgeoning, the White Man made no pro-
gress whatsoever in the vital areas of RACE and RELIGION,
the most important issues in his existence. These two para-
mount issues underlie the very survival of the White Race, but have
been totally ignored since the dawn of civilization. In fact, It is one
of the ironies of history that the Age of Discovery and Colonization
also greatly accelerated the practice of race-mixing and mongreliza-
tion, especially among the Spaniards and the Portuguese in their new-
ly discovered territories, especially Mexico and South America.
Five hundred years after Henry the Navigator, the White Man
is not only as unaware and ignorant of these two vital Issues, (Race
and Religion) as he was then, he is, in fact more Ignorant, more con-
fused, and even more fragmented. He is still woefully unaware of the
issues, racially confused, without goal or direction, without any mean-
ingful charts, without a Pole Star to guide his path. The White Man
is, in fact, hopelessly floundering without direction or meaning, not
even aware that the Jew is rapidly committing genocide on Nature's
Finest, the White Race.

During this same era, the Jew, who is not a builder, nor a
navigator, nor an explorer, nor a farmer, nor a producer, but an eter-
nal parasite, he too, was extremely busy. Whereas the White Man
was honing his navigational techniques and innovating other new
technology, the Jew was busily pursuing his racial plans, programs
and blueprints, all of which he had established thousands of years
ago. He knew exactly where he was going (racially), what his goals
were, and how he was going to get there. He had fixated his racial
Pole Star as far back as the time he was driven out of Egypt in the
middle of the Second Millennium B.C.E. He had his Pole Star and
never wavered from it. His Pole Star was his Judaic (or Mosaic)
Religion, an intensely racial religion.

And just what were the goals of this inferior parasitic tribe? They
were enormous, but also simple as hell. They were basically: (a) To
mongrelize and enslave all the peoples of the world,
especially the White Race - the prime target of their hatred
and revulsion. (b) To garner unto themselves all the gold,
silver, precious gems, money and properties of the world.
(c) To desecrate, down breed and degenerate all the goyim
of the world, convert them into brainless brown zombies and


hold them in eternal bondage.
In short their goal, set thousands of years ago was, and is to-
day: every Jew a King. every goyim a slave, his face in the mud with
the Jewish jackboot firmly pressing down on the nape of his neck.
If you don't believe me, read the letter (in issue 19 of this book
from a kike on whose stationary was the name of Robert V. Rothman.
If that doesn't convince you, read again what another Jew by the
name of Marcus Eli Ravage says. He spells it out more succintly,
and we recapitulate his frank disclosure in Creative Credo No. 43
in the WHITE MAN'S BIBLE under the heading of "Confessions of
a Jew", Page 286. If you need any further confirmation of what the
Jews have in mind for us, read that comprehensive epistle ot hate
- the Jewish Talmud itself. Even mulattoes like Louis Farrakhan
have enough intelligence to recognize the Jewish religion as that of
a destructive parasite and calls it "a gutter religion".

So much for what the Jews have in store for us if we don't come
to our senses and promptly get on with the job. It is the awesome
goal and program of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR to
arouse, unite and organize the White Race into one power-
ful battering ram that has the WILL and the power to
demolish the Jewish behemoth. This is what Creativity is all
about and this is what we are trying to accomplish.

Standing in our path are an endless number of roadblocks, most
of which have surreptitously been conceived by the Jews, but the
actual placing of many of these roadblocks are being done by
members of our own race, most of which should know better.
Visualize the following scenario: An old draft horse is pulling a
heavy load up a long hill, heaving and straining at its traces. It is
tired and sweaty and has had a long, hard day. Noisily yapping at
its heels are a few mutts, and buzzing at its head are a small swarm
of gnats.

If this old draft horse could talk, it would probably be saying
something like this to itself: "I don't mind pulling the load, because
that is what I am best at. But who in the hell needs the extra ag-
gravation of mutts and gnats when I am trying to get this load over
the hill?"

I have a confession to make. There are times when I feel like
that old draft horse.

I know what we are up against, and it is a heavy load. We are
trying to accomplish something that has never been done by the
White Race in the last six thousand years of its illustrious but con-
fused and botched-up history. We are trying to give the White Race
a racial religion of its own that will finally and comprehensively solve
the problem of its degeneration and decline, and prevent its ig-


nominous demise by drowning in a stinking sea of mud. I repeat. this
has never before been done in all of the White Man's turbulent past,
and whether or not it will come about in the future Christ only knows,
and he won't tell because he is not around. I can't assure you that
it will come about. I cannot give anyone a guilt-edged Certificate of
Guarantee for the future. But I can assure you of this much: It will
either happen in the next 20 to 30 years or it won't happen at all.
Why? Because if it don't happen now there won't be any White Race
left to save.

I will also boldly make the second claim and that is in Creativ-
ty we now have the creed program and religion with which to bring
about the Salvation and Redemption of the White Race. We have,
in fact, the whole ball of wax, and whereas it may not be perfect
(nothing in life is) it is the best that is now available to the White
Race In order to save its neck from the Jewish jackboot. Creativity
is not a spectator sport. Whether or not we win this ultimate battle
depends on how vigorously you and millions of other White Racial
Comrades join into the fray and become militant activists. I repeat,
this is not a spectator sport. We need White Racial Teamwork -
all 500 million strong.

The White Race is now in the position of a pusillanimous old
spinster who is nearing the end of the line. She could never quite
make up her mind that she had found the "perfect" man and kept
on looking and looking, little realizing that as the years went by her
own charms to attract such a man, if he ever existed, were rapidly
fading. Finally, in her declining years, as she becomes senile and
is hustled off to a "convalescent home" the question of finding the
"perfect" man that never existed becomes rather moot.

A similar situation exists regarding Creativity- We don't claim
it is perfect, but it is powerful, dynamic comprehensive consistent
and complete. Just as Hitler constructed the Nazi Party in Germany
to demolish Jewish Marxism and lead the German people back to
strength and unity, so also is Creativity designed to arouse, unite
and organize all the White peoples of the world to demolish once
and for all the Jewish monster that now threatens to devour us.
Most of our White Racial Comrades that want the Jewish
monkey off our back believe that the main roadblock in ac-
complishing this awesome task are the Jews, the niggers and the
exploding mass of mud races. I used to think along these lines also,
but experience has taught me that the major problem resides
within our own ranks - the unbelievable intransigence of those
who profess to be on our side but because of hubris, jealousy,
pettiness and plain stupidity are forever in the front and
throwing roadblocks in the way of those who have the WILL,
the MEANS and the PROGRAM to do something meaningful


and effective
Let me state categorically: We Creators mean business. We are
determined to do something meaningful, constructive and effective
rather than eternally yak, yak, yak, and fiddle around the fringes
of the frivolous. We are not interested in either trying to impress you,
nor are we here to entertain you. We want to arouse and motivate
you to become a militant activist and enlist you into our army of racial

This we are doing day by day, and although the process is ac-
celerating, it is not fast enough to suit us. Time is of the essence,
and, as in the case of the aging and pusillanimous spinster, time is
running out for the White Race. If it won't grasp the opportunity now
it will soon be too senile to ever pull itself out of the muddy mire.
Standing in the way of getting the job done are a number of buz-
zing gnats and yapping hounds in the ranks of the White Race itself,
repeatedly throwing roadblocks in our way, roadblocks that were
designed and fashioned by the Jews themselves. In this dissertation
I want to make a file, a laundry list if you like, of the number of
spurious and nit-picking charges, rumors and Innuendoes that have
been thrown at us. Many of these people profess to be our friends
and are "only trying to help us", for our own good.

1 . Although we are located in a beautiful natural setting in North
Carolina, we are also located in what is known as the Bible Belt,
and the "devout" and confused Christians not only denounce us as
"atheists", but some vociferously proclaim that we are "devil-
worshippers". Since we don't believe in demons, or spooks of any
kind, or, in fact, any other kind of spookie malarkey, this charge,
is, of course rather silly on the face of it.
2. Then there are those, including some Mormons who claim
that Ben Klassen is, in fact, the devil himself. This too, is pretty
stupid, for the same reason as point No. 1.
3. There are some (White people) who claim I am a Jew, I must
be a Jew, and perhaps both a Jew and a devil, and that Klassen is
a Jewish name.

In answer to the above, I can categorically state that (a) I am
not a devil, and (b) I am not a Jew. The devil part is, of course, so
silly I need not spend further time on it. The Jewish accusation is
equally stupid, but since it has such vicious implications I will spend
further time on it.

My ancestors both on my mother's side and on my father's side
were Mennonites of unmixed White ancestry for at least the last four
hundred years, originating out of Holland. In the 1700's a segment
of Mennonites (due to religious persecution) migrated to what was
then Prussia. Since the Mennonites were both industrious and also
raised large families, they multiplied and took over more and more


territory in that state.

The Mennonites also had (and still have) a strange little hang-
up in their religion about being opposed to going to war and killing
other people. They are dedicated PACIFISTS. This did not sit too
well with the then militaristic minded Prussians, and new persecu-
tions ensued. A major segment of my Prussian ancestors then decided
to move to a fertile area of the Ukraine just north of the Black Sea.
This they did in about the year 1804, and Katherine the Great, who
was eager to settle these empty areas with industrious, hardwork-
ing farmers, invited them in, even signing a pact with them that gave
them special compensations, waiving any obligatinns of having to
serve in the military.

The colony my ancestors settled in was called the Molotschna
Colony, located on the banks of a river of the same name. Here they
prospered and multiplied, two areas in which they were amazingly
adept. My paternal grandfather and grandmother had 14 children,
of which twelve lived to adulthood, and all, I believe. raised families
of their own.

This was the situation in 1914 when World War I broke out. The
colony had prospered, the Mennonites in Molotschna numbered
30,000 souls in 50 towns or villages. When the communists took over
in 1917, all hell broke loose and the Mennonites were completely
unprepared to defend themselves from the marauding criminals that
were let loose upon them. Many were killed, some died of starvation
during the planned famine of 1921-22, some migrated to other

The latter is what my father did in 1924. Without going into more
detail about the Mennonites and my personal history which I have
briefly covered in Chapter 22, Part II, Page 455 of NATURE'S ETER-
NAL RELIGION entitled My Own Spiritual Awakening", suffice it
to say that my ancestors were White, Protestant Mennonites, who
carefully kept their genealogy clean, and there is not a Jew, a nigger
or an Indian anywhere in my bloodlines, at least not for the last 400

Now before some swine again rises up (I am using Herbert
Hoover's words) and accuses me of being a Jew, I suggest that he,
she or it first put up a $1000.00 security to cover a bet that
I can prove otherwise, and I will put up my own $1000.00.
A late uncle of mine. bless him, devoted a lot of time and research-
ed and compiled an extensive genealogy of the Klassen family. I have
a copy of it. I also have copies of numerous official documents, such
as passports, (Including my father's) church documents, family
albums and a mass of other evidence, all of which confirms my White
Protestant Mennonite ancestry. If that is not enough. I still have any
number of living cousins, nieces, nephews and other relatives in


Canada and the United States who can back up my statements, and
would not take lightly to the inference that we might be Jews...

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