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Confrontation - Sooner The Better... The White Race is being pushed into its last stand (February, 1985)

Issue No. 21, February 1985

Confrontation - Sooner The Better

Custer's Last Stand
The White Race is being pushed into its last stand.
Whether it will end in a feeble whimper or a heroic confron-
tation remains to be seen.

General Phillip H. Shaidan is credited with the observation that
"the only good Indian is a dead Indian." In July of 1874 he sent L.t.
Col. George A. Custer on a special mission to wage war against the
Plains Indians who had been raising havoc with the White settlers
moving West. Gold had been discovered in the Black Hills of South
Dakota and northeastern Wyoming. Emigration to the West was on
the increase as the railroad spanned the continent trom the Atlantic
to the Pacific in 1869. Railroad surveyors were trespassing on lands
the Indians considered theirs.

The number of battles between the U.S. Calvary and the western
Indian tribes had been sporadic but accelerating ever since the Civil
War. As the Whlte Man pressed westward the conflict gained momen-
tum, and the friction and hatred between the Red Man and the White
Man increased. One of the most hated by the Indian tribes was the
colorful and dashing Col. George A. Custer himself, whom they call-
ed Yellow Hair. They did not forget his no-holds barred attack on
Chief Black Kettle's village on the Washita River Nov. 27, 1868. In
this charge through the Cheyenne's camp, Custer's men kiiled 103
Indians, including Chief Black Kettle himself.

The culmination of this sporadic, but unfocused warfare came
to a climax on June 25, 1876, at the Battle of the little Big Horn
in Montana.

In this encounter a conglomerate of approximately 5000 Indians,
mostly Sioux and Cheyenne, led Custer's contingent of cavalry in to
a trap. As at Thermopylae in 480 B.C.E., and at the Alamo in 1836,
the White Man made a gallant stand and fought to the last man.
All 225 cavalrymen, including Custer himself, were massacred.
The news of the massacre hit the nation's capital like a
thunderclap when it was publicly announced on July 4, 1876, as the
nation was celebrating its first Centennial. It led to the galvanlza-
tion of public opinion and the White Man's determinadon to settle
The "Indian question" once and for all. The U.S. Army went about
it in earnest and the back of the Indian resistance was broken at

Wounded Knee on Dec. 29, 1890. In thls short-lived skirmish, in
which the 7th Cavalry again participated, the White Man lost one
officer, six non-commissioned officers, and 18 privates. It is not known
how many Indians were killed, since many escaped and died.
elsewhere, but 146 Indians were interred in a huge trench on the bat-
tlefield by the burial detail.

So ended ignomlnously the resistance of the Indians in a
botched-up battle that was of little credit to either side. It ended in
a whimper for the Indians, and their mixed, mongrelized and
debauched descendants, and they have been whimpering ever since.
There are some hard and eternal lessons the White race could
and should learn from its centuries-old experience with the Indians
on the American Condnent:
1 . The first and foremost lesson is that the White Man, when
overwhelmed by superior numbers of mud races, can be
massacred and wiped out, even though at the last minute he
chooses to fight, even though he fights heroically.
This happened at the Alamo, It happened in San Domingo (see
Creotive Credo No. 30, "The Grisly Lesson of San Domingo," in the
White Man's Bible). It has happened time and again in the histroy
of the white Race.
2. The race issue is the foremost and most overwhelm-
ing issue in histroy. It has been with us since the dawn of
civilization and will remain with the White Race until it
resolutely decides to resolve it in its own favor, as ad-
vocated by the Church Of The Creator; or, for lack of resolu-
tion or determination it will be solved by its enemies with
the total destruction of the White Race on worldwide scale.
Such a program of genocide is now in high gear, and if not reversed
promptly the White Race will be finished within the next generation.
The polyglot United Nations gleefully predicts that in another genra-
tion the White Race wlll be outnumbered in a ratio of 49 to 1.
3. A weak, wavering and pusillanimous attitude by the White
Race toward the racial issue will not solve the problem, nor will it
appease our enemies. No amount of concessions on our part
will mitigate the fatred of the Jews and the mud races
towards us. They will not now, or ever, agree to live and let
live as far as the White Race is concerned. Their hatred is
eternal until the White Race is wiped out, at which time the
races will again turn on eachother, as did the Indians before the
arrival of the White Man.
4. In this ongoing battle of the races are three possible outcomes
as far as the White Race is concerned.
(a) The White Race will be browned, mongrelized
without a confrontation, without offering a fight, thereby

losing its divine seed and becoming extinct. This is the linger-
ing death, the most horrible, the most shameful, the most ig-
nominous of all posslble ends. We ot the Church Of The Creator de-
nounce and deplore such a course as the worst of all non-decisions
and would much sooner face a confrontation and fight to the last
man if necessary, as did the valiant men of the Alamo, as did Custer's
gallant 7th Calvary.

(b) The Whlte Race will be sitting idly by while the mud races
expand in a population explosion as never before witnessed in history.
The mud races will then turn on the reduced numbers of the
White Race and massacre them at the propitious moment,
such timing organized and orchestrated by the sinister
Jewish Powerhouse. This is what happened in San Domingo, in
the Belglan Congo, in Angola, in Rhodesia, and is rapidly coming
to a climax in South Africa. It also happened in formerly French Indo-
China, and a number of other areas of the World that the White Man
controlled as late as a decade after W.W.II, but these lessons have
never been publicized or brought home to the White Race.
(c) The third and only alternative that we of the Church Of The
Creator consider as even worthy of entertaining is unabashed, total,
victory for the White Race. In this matter I want to quote two
famous generals of this century. General MacArthur said it all when
he observed "There is no substitute for victory." We agree whole
heartedly. We Creators have taken this position from the beginning
and have no reservations about it whatsoever. We want total vic-
tory for the White Race until we inhabit all the good lands
of the, Planet Earth - exclusively. There is no compromising,
no appeasing, no peaceful living side by side with the mud races,
the Jews and all the parasites. We do not make this choice arbitrarily.
History and Nature have made this choice for us and demonstrated
clearly that there is only one other choice - only death.
Speaking of dying, I now want to quote another general as col-
orful and dashing as was Gen. Custer. General George A. Patton
said "Instead of dying for yoar country, make sure the enemy dies
for his country."

The point is that instead of making a desperate, unplanned and
unprepared last-ditch stand and being wiped out (as was Custer's
valiant band) let us do it differently. Let us realisticaIly confront the
situation and prepare and act accordingly. We are not helpless, at
least not yet in 1985. The situation is there for every one to see. It
is clear as day. All you have to do is look.

predicted (among other items) the demise of two White dominated
South African countries, namely Rhodesia, and the Republic of South
Africa, because of their tolerant but rather stupid racial policies, (but

no more so than the U.S.). Rhodesia has now been fully niggerized
and the White Man massacred and/or driven out, as South Africa
soon will be.

I remember attending a lecture at the sumptuous home of the
late Countess Guardabassa in Palm Beach, Florida in the early 70's.
The speaker was the late Carol Dunn of LIBERTY LOBBY. I
remember her ebullient report on how wonderful things were in
Rhodesia, what a beautiful clean city was Sallsbuby, one of the was
little cities in the world. All these bad reports of the world press about
Rhodesia mistreating the blacks were all wrong. Why Rhodesia was
doing everything possible for the blacks, givlng them work, giving
them homes, trying to educate them, and as some (mulattoes, no
doubt) got a sctntilla of education, they were taught to partake in,
and given, an ever increasing role in the government itself. To hear
her gush and bubble with optimism, Rhodesia was a nigger's
paradise, and it probably was, or is as close as the niggers can ever
realistically wish for.

Anyway, she, too, thought it was great and the world at large
was all wrong in heaping condemnation on Rhodesia's alleged
mistreatment of the blacks. In an area that was built by the White
Man and that a century ago had very few aborigines, the niggers at
that time (1970) already outnumbered the Whites 16 to 1.
A friend of mine and I privately discussed her speech later. We
came to the (then) astounding concluslon that Rhodesia was ac-
tually "farming niggers", in short feeding and breeding them
at a rate that woild soon consume the country. And that is
just what happened. Even at that time (1970) I suspected that Ian
Smith, the then darling of the Kosher Konservatives, was a race
traitor and selling the Whites down the river. History proved I was

We now come to Rhodesia only a decade later and what do we
find? Rhodesia is no more. The land is still there but the White
Man is no longer in control, nor in existence, except for a few toadies
that hold the ruins together, such as they are. The "country" is now
called Zimbabwe and the once clean, beautiful city of Salisbury is
called Harare. Two rival gangs of black savages are now fighting
each other for control of the corpse. There is an article in the January
13, (85) Atlanta Constitution telling about the peculiar political work-
ings of black "democracy" in that now nigger dominated country.
It seems that opposition leader Joshua Nkomo came into town for
a campaign stop in Harare and supporters of Prime Minister Robert
Magabe fired nine bullets into his bullet proof car and hurled an
avalanche of rocks to properly top it off in true niggerly fashion. This
is black 'uhuru"(freedom) at its best and even that shabby structure
will survive only as long as the White taxpayers of the United States

can be kept snookered Into subsidizing these useless savages to the
tune of hundreds of millions.

The Republic of South Africa is larger and more formidable
than was little Rhodesia, but it is doing down the same track
to black oblivion as did Rhodesia a few years earlier. We have
the same techniques belng utilized by the Jewish powerhouse,
same slogans, the same accusations and the same line of traitors
undermining the structure from the inside.

The finances, the news media and the government of South
Africa are in the hands of the Jewish Oppenheimer family and their
racial cohorts who own the vast DeBeers gold and diamond mines,
and just about everything else in South Atrica. Manipulating him on
a string, the Jews have placed their own puppet at the head of the
South African government. The treachery of Prime Minister P.
W. Botha is matched (or perhaps exceeded) by the lowest
of all human cretins - the race traitor from our own coun-
try who is now "visiting" that nigger-plagued country and
agitating the stupid brutish animals. His name happenes
to be Senetor Edward Kennedy, who is following in the footsteps
of his late brother Robert who was in South Africa on a similar "Hate
Whitey" mission nineteen years eariler.

Lately I listened to "CROSSFIRE", a nightly program where a
celebrity or public figure is interviewed by Tom Braden "on the left
and Pat Buchanan "on the Right", supposedly representing two
diametrically opposed views. They play a good game on the average
boob-tube yokel who is easlly convinced that he is genuinely hear-
ing both sides from diametrically opposed viewpoints.

This particular night they had the South African Ambassador
to the U.S. on the hotseat, with Pat Buchanan supposedly defen-
ding the Ambassador, and the Ambassador supposedly defending
apartheid and the Republic Of South Africa's position. To an ex-
perienced observer it seemed exceedingly shange how the two
defenders consistently falled to review the grisly fate that befell the
White citizens of the Belgian Congo, of Angola, or Rhodesia, when
the black savages took over. At best they quibbled over the academic
issue of "rights" and other demagogic trappery but never considered
the fate or the interests of the White people. Tom Braden "on the
left", however, kept admonishing repeatedly the impending horrors
of race war (horrible! horrible! horrlble!) unless the niggers got it all,
and such race war was to be avoided at all costs, even though the
Whites who built the country went down the drain, even though
civilization reverted back to the barbarism of the savage.
Which brings me to a vital point In this dissertation. Why is
it that when the consequences of a confrontation between
Whites and Whites (such as World War II) may be a
worldwide war of horrendous dimensions, there is no
hesitation whatsoever about promoting it? In fact, they can't
get such wars going fast enough.

However, when a race war might be engendered, a war
that would be short and strictly limited, with the White Race
coming out as an easy winner, then oh, my god, perish the
thought! Such horrors are unthinkable! When 350,000 of the
best White people were incinerated in a matter of a few days by
"Allied" bombing raids over Dresden, Germany, during 1945, the
blubbering, bleeding hearts were not parttcularly upset. But when
so much as one deserving nigger gets killed, all hell breaks loose.
Why is that, you might ask? The answer is plain. A worldwide
war behween Whites such as in W.W.II kills millions of Whites. There
is nothing more efficent than Whites killing Whites. Nothing
could make the Jews happier. A race war in the U.S.A., or in
South Africa however, would klll only a few White, but it would total-
ly wipe out the niggers, and the race problem would be solved. This,
of course, the Jews don't want. The Jews are looking forward to a
race war alright, but they are nursing and delaying the situation
until time as they have totally soften up the White
Man's will to fight and reduced their numbers to where (like
Custer) they would be wiped out even if they did have the will
to fight. Each day that goes by the balance is shifting more to the
benefit of the mud races, as their numbers increase, as the White
Race shrinks, and as the White Race becomes pathologically more
and more drugged into the stupor of a Zombie. Hence the delay. But
the race war is coming whether we like it or not, and it will come
as soon as the mud races and the Jews are ready - and it will be

Tbe White Race has never really had a firm, consistent policy
regarding its position towards the Jews and the mud races except
for the brief perlod during Hitler's regime in Germany. Even in
Mussolini's Fascist Italy, race was not reaily the issue, but rather
the issue focused on the relationship between the state and the in-
dividual. The policy of the United States government towards the
Indians, even during and before the nineteenth centure, was one of
vacillation and indecision, becoming softer and more pro-Indian as
time went on until today one Indian is worth twenty White Men in
the eyes of the Jewish occupational government.

On this issue, as always, Jewish Christianity was constantly in-
voked about how we MUST love our human fellow men, how we are
all God's children and how we are all equal (oh, so damned equal!)
in the eyes of the Lord. Strangely, when the Christians were
fighting each other in the Thirty Years War and all the other
religious wars, no such pangs of conscience were invoked,
125not in the Civll War, nor in W.W.I or in W.W.II, when the White Man
was slaughtering White Men by the millions.
Do you get the picture?

It is high time we come to our senses, protect our own, get the
parasites off our back and crowd the mud races into oblivion. We
Creators are not advocating a policy of going out and slaughtering
anybody, not even Jews or niggers. What we are saying is: let us stop
subsidizing these lethal parasites and they will soon wither on the
vine of their own accord. Let us polarize around our own racial
religion and let the mud races fend for themselves, If they can. Only
when they (the Jews and the mud races) stop us from exer-
cising our constitutional and our natural rights and wage
an attack against us, then, an only then, will we spring to
our own defense and heap retibuition and warfare against
our enemies. (Read again Creative Credo No. 64 in the WHITE
MAN'S BIBLE entitled "Law and order us. Violence Terrorism and
Self-preservation", esp. Article No. 8 regarding our official position).

CREATIVITY has it all, says it all.

Help build a Whiter and Brighter World
Become a militant Creator.

lf the White Race is ever to revert back to
sanity, Christianity will HAVE TO GO. To again
regain its sanity, it will first have to dump

For the White Race Creativity is the Great
Quantum Leap Foward from out of the present
Jewish quagmire. lt is equiualent to what the
Renaissance was to the Dark Ages.


School for Gifted Boys
Progress Report

The construction part of the School for Gifted Boys is practical-
ly finished. There are still a number of accommodations that need to
be done. We still have to get most of the equipment for the kitchen.
That is - a stove, venting hood, refrigerator, freezer and a number
of other items. Because we have to meet Health Department and
National Sanitation Foundation standards, everything has to be of-
ficially approved, and is three times as expensive as it need be. It
is not good enough to buy good equipment, it has to go through the
red tape and be approved.

We sttill need beds, tables and a host of other furnishings, all
of which are extremely costly. We need your support, your donations,
your help and your participation.

We plan to start the first two week session after July 4, namely
the two weeks from July 6 to July 20. The cost per student for the
two week session, room & board, instruction and activities is expected
to be $300, a modest fee that will not cover our expenses, but we
need to get started. Please spread the word and get as many pro-
spective candidates as possible that we may contact. Although we
intend to be more restrictive in the future, we will be glad to accept
all good White boys and youths between the ages of 10 and 20.
Help make the inital session a success!

What you can do to Help.
1. If you have a boy of your own, or a nephew or a grandson,
the beat gift you can make to the remainder of his life is to get him
properly oriented - racially and religiously. Send him to our school.
2. Sonsor a good White boy even if not a relative of yours. The
long term benefits can be tremendous for the individual and our race.
Remember, if we don't save the White Race your money won'y be
worth a tinkers dam anyway.

Critique Of A Critique

Mr. Richard S. Hoehler is a writer and a phllosopher who has
written several books on the sub]ect of philosophy, Jews and Na-
tional Socialism. He is domiciled in Colorado and a writer of con-
siderable talent. Recently he submitted an article, a critique if you
will, of the Creativity Movement, and since we respect Mr. Hoehler's
appraisal we printed the article on the front page of Racial Loyalty

No. 19.
We believe that a healthy exchange of criticism is always a con-
structive process in that it either calls forth a re-examination and
correction of any faults, defects or shortcomings, or it provides an
excellent opportunity to explain a perfertly valid position, or posi-
tions that may be grossly misunderstood or misrepresented by the
critic and/or the world at large. Aher all, nobody is perfect, nobody
has all the answers, and least of all the critics themselves. As anyone
knows, it is much easler to criticize than to break new ground and
build something meaninqful, whether it be a skyscraper, or a new
movement or a new religion.

Within this framework, I want to answer some of the cridcisms
that Mr. Hoehler has raised, not so much for Mr. Hoehler's benefit,
but or the benefit of all our readers, supporters and members. I want
to do so because I feel that the questions raised reflect views that
are commonly bandied about, not so much by our active supporters
and members, but by spectators on the outside, that group we have
often referred to as the arm-chair intelligentsia. Whereas I respect
Mr. Hoehler's philosophy and writings, I must make it clear that he
is not a member of the Church Of The Creator, and has never made
any positive contributions to the movement. His leanings are more
towards National Soclalism, but I do not know whether he belongs
to any such group either.

Be that as it may, let us, in a spirit of good will and with an open
mind, take a look at what Mr. Hoehler had to say about CREATIVI-
TY, and what our correct position is towards each Issue. Before I
do so, I want to make a eriticism of Mr. Hoehler's writings in general
and the Dec. 1984 article in particular, and it is this: Some of his
statements are so vague one is left wondering what he means, or
how, if at all, it applies to the question at hand. As we used to say
when I was in the Florida Legislature: "Your point is so subtle
it completely escapes me" This is, at least one criticism that has
never been leveled at me. On the contrary, most people have criticiz-
ed me by saying that: "You certainly make it perfectly clear as to
where you stand, perhaps too clear."

Now we come to some of the points that we do understand, or
think we do.
1."One fellow I know claims you are 'too Jewish' for his taste.
Curiously enough an objective observer could point out certain
features of your stand which are both histortically or culturally Jewish
in flavor".

Alright, let us look at this general broadside. let me say at the
outset that it is hard to account for some people's, tastes,
especially when I don't know who this fellow is for whose taste I may
be "too Jewish". But tastes come in more varieties than Howard
Johnson's 28 flavors of ice cream, and some of the tastes on the
modern seene are extremely bizarre and repugnant. We have sex
perverts, we have people who "adore" Michael Jackson, people who
hate Hitler. Need I go on? We are not going to try to accommodate
all tastes, or any, for that matter. If CREATIVITY is not their tasty
dish, let thern dine elsewhere. The world is fulI of alternatives, most
of which are Jewish garbage. In fact, all I intend to do is call it as
I see it, and try to wipe the Jewish pestilence from off the face of
the earth.

However, the poInt is that evidently Mr. Hoehler agrees with
this "fellow", whoever he is, because he goes on to say:
2."Sarcasm ond cynicism are prime Jewish psychological
weopons". Perhaps so, Mr. Hoehler, but no mnre so than words, pro-
paganda, religion, money, terrorism, military hardware and a million
other weapons that are used by Jews and non-Jews alike in order
to prevail over their enemies and survive. You yourself extensively
use sarcasm and cynicism in your writings. Even our common idol,
Adolf Hitler, used them all extensively, all the way from sarcasm to
military hardware in order to prevail, and only a fool would allow
himself to be willingly divested of all the useful waeapons at his
disposal because somebody might accuse him of using weapons us-
ed by the Jews. We have no intentions of voluntarily disarming
ourselves so our enemies can make mincemeat out uf us. (Read again
"Self-imposed Handicaps" in Issue No. 6 of Expanding Creativity)
3. This brings me to the crux of Mr. Hoehlor's criticism. "Beware
in fighting with monsters lest you yourself become a monster!" he
says, quoting Nietsche. How cute! The alternative that is not men-
ioned is to evidently let the monster devour you.

So I am glad this issue was raised because it is one of the silliest
shibboleths that has ever been bandied about, and in answer let me
draw you a picture.

If you were part of an army that was provided with nothing more
than slingshots and you were engaged in a life and death battle with
m opposition army that was armed with marhine guns. you would,
believe, be at a serious disadvantage, to say the least. Now if your

dumb leader sald to you "yes, we too could obtain machine guns,
but heaven forbid, we don't want to be like our enemies, and we will
therefore do the honorable thing. We will faithfully stick with our
slingshots, even though we are wiped out to a man".

That would be pretty dumb, wouldn't it? In fact, suicidal
We CREATORS don't intend to commit suicide and we are not
dumb enough to have our prime weapons struck out of our hands.
(Read agoin Knocking the Key Weapon from out of the Enemy's
Hands", in R.L. No. 17 in this book). No indeed, if the enemy is us-
ing machine guns and has weapons superior to ours, we want to make
damn sure we not only avail ourselves of machine guns too, but also
that ours are superior to the enemy's, and add to that a whole shop-
ping list of other superior weapons - mortars, cannons, tanks, air-
craft, bombers, or whatever it takes. That is, in fact, our position:
we will do whatever it takes, and to hell with the slingshot

It is here that I want to reveal a crucial observation to Mr.
Hoehler: I have learned more from the Jews, from Jewish
weapons and tactics than have from all the White scholars,
presidents and philosophers put together, and I have no
hesitation, apologies and no compunction about saying so. The Jews,
a small parasitic minority, have survived for 5000 years and now own
and control the world. It behooves us to study how they have done
it and utilize the same effective and powerful weapons. This I have
done and it is all polarized into a White racial religion. If that is "too
Jewish" for some fellow's "taste", that is too bad, but I say to hell
with hanging onto the slingshots. We are determined to SUR-
VIVE AND WIN, and use whatever weapons it takes.
4. We now come to one of the weakest and most indefensible
of all charges levelled at us, and that is Mr. Hoehler's criticism of
our SALUBRIOS5 LIVING approach to good health and a sound
mind. Evidently such an attitude, too, is Jewish, and see, therefore
we should not "concem ourselves with dietary rules". Why?
Because Mr. Hoehler says, it is Jewish brain-rot and as con-
clusive evidence he cites Ralph Waldo Emerson's quotation: "A good
mind can nourish himself on a broth of boiled shoes, if need be!"
Well, I didn't know Emerson said that, but l'll take Mr. Hoehler's
word for it, and make a comment of my own. If Emerson did say
that, it was one of the most stupid remarks he ever made, and
evidently Emerson was completely Ignorant of the scientific informa-
tion now available about how to nuriure a healthy body and a sound
mind. He evidently was also grossly ignorant about certain rules of
living that can ruin not only a healthy body, but also the mind that
inhabits that body. Surely, even the most naive and uninformed will
admit that such rules exist. Surely no individual a indifferent

as to whether his mind and body are in excellent health,
whether they are functioning efficiently and effectively, as
to whether they are imbued with a good feeling of energy
and well being, or whether on the other hand they feel sick,
despondent, suicidal, their body racked with pain and
lathargy. There is a difference, isn't there? And surely, what you
ingest into your body makes a difference. How you treat your body,
whether you treat it intelligently or abuse it like a wanton fool, does
make a difference, doesn't it? Whether you "nourish" your body with
boiled shoe leather, cocaine, smoke pot, smoke tobacco, or consume
100 to 200 pounds of sugar a year does make one hell of a differece.
We CREATORS call that difference "Salubrious Living". We have
reviewed just one chapter, namely Chapter 8 of our book of the same
name nn this important subject. We hope it will help some uninformed
people to begin educating themselves for their own benefit.

But let us not be too hard on Mr. Emerson. He is not alone
among the intelligentsia who are compIetely screwed up in their ap-
proach to health and common sense. There are millions of them still
wandering the earth today who may know everything about the 18th
Dynasty that ruled Egypt several thousand years ago, but are com-
pletely ignorant regarding the first constructive rule about taking care
of their own bodies, the same bodies that house their closed minds,
and both suffer much as a result. There are more hundreds of millions
meandering the face of the earth who gorge on toxic junk foods, overf-
ed and undernourished. Most of them are obese, lethargic, loaded
with chemical toxins, Inviting cancer and all the other degenerative
diseases of civllization. As George Dietz has said repeatedly, "Those
who will not read have no advantage over those who cannot".
No indeed, Mr. Hoehler, SALUBRIOUS LIVING is NOT
Jewish. It Is just plain, good common sense. The A.M.A. and their
medical dogma of drugs, chemicals, polsons and the whole mess
of unnatural toxins is Jewish. It causes cancer, diabetes, heart disease
and a whole plethora of so-called degenerative diseases that our
"civilization" is aflicted with, but rarely found among the primitive
races of mankind. the "approved" A.M.A. treatent of cancer,
for instance, is cut, burn, and poison. THAT IS JEWISH.
But living in accordance with, and in harmnny with the Laws
of Nature, and taking care of our health, our mind, our society, our
gene pool and our environment is about as un-Jewieh as you can get.
It is strictly CREATIVE, strictly aIl White, and that is what
CREATVITY is all about. The fact that the primitive ignorant Jews
may have imbedded some stupid dietary superstitions in their
perverted gutter religion does not in the least deter, or discourage
us from using common sense in understanding and applying the Laws
of Nature. My only regret is that I was not apprised of this extremely

important body of knowledge when I was a child, Instead of being
misled by Jew-trained doctors for most of my adult life. I somcerely
regret that only late in life did I stumble onto this vital area
of human knowledge, when I could have enjoyed the
benefits thereof from the day I was born. But as Adolf Hitler
said - "There are truths lying around on the streets, but few people
will recognize them." Let us repeat: those who wIIl not read - the
closed mind - the sick mind.

We now come to tbe religion that CREATIVITY
something in common with Judaism because somehow we
embrace "monotheism". This is exceedingly strange since this im-
plies that we CREATORS too embrace the "One God" thesis, when
we are one of the foremost advocates of dumping spookcraft - all
spookcrafts. Not only that, but evidently when we try to solve an over-
whelmlng world problem - namely the Jewish pestilence - by us-
ing logic, by being rational, by using our brains, by trying to organize
a systematic and effective counter-force to the Jewish power
establishment, this is evldently deemed extremely bad, and brands
us as being cold and unemotional. Evidentely, Mr. Hoehler goes along
with other simllar critics and implies that we should be irrational,
ilIogical and silly about the whole thing, play childish games instead
and employ the help of imaginary spooks to do the job for us. If we
don't we are cold and unemotional. Not only that but the more of
a muddled mish-mash we can drag into the plcture, why the hap-
pier everybody will be, whether we get the job done or not.
seems to be the Implied alternative to CREATIVITY.

Well, we will not be hoodwinked or misIed down a blind alley.
(Read again: "A Polyglot Mind and a Polyglot Society - Who Needs
Them?" ln Issue No. 10 of Expanding Creatiuity). For too long the
White Race has been aimlessly wandering in a pointless disorganiz-
ed sea of confusion, a muddled mish-mash of meaningless Jewish
shibboleths, and it has led to nothing but unmitigated disaster for
the White Race. Believe me, just because we are trying to be rational,
factual, logical, organized and systematic in solving a dire problem
does not mean we are unemotional. By no means. We CREATORS
can get as fired up as anybody, if not more so. But that
doesn't mean we must be silly and confused about it. We aim
to concentrate and direct that fire effectively at the target. (Read
again "The Time has come for the White Race to establish its own
Pole Star". in Issue No. 20 of this book).

In conclusion, let me say this: We CREATORS are not in the
business of trying to impress anyone, or to entertain anyone. We mean
to get an important job done, and sacrifice whatever it takes, do
whatever it takes. If we have learned some successful tactics from
the Jews and use their own weapons against them, why that's great.

That does not make us Jewish in the least. It only means that we
deplore the slingshot syndrome. There is one major difference
between the White Race and the Jews that will always re-
main - and that is: The Jews are eternal parasites and can
only survive on the backs of a productive host. On the other
hand, we CREATORS are builders and producers and need
no help from any of theother raaces, least of all parasites
and other mud races, and we seek to build a Whiter and
Brighter World for our own kind.
This attitude will make a lot of Christians, bleeding hearts,
muddle-headed hyprocrites, mealy-mouthed sentimentalists,
dopeheads, cowards and sycophants mad. That's too damn bad. But
now that we have found our Pole Star we will remain on our course,
we will remain factual, rational, logical and determined to do the
Job that must be done. We are interested only in those stout he hearts
that will help us get that awesome job done, and have little interest
in those who have nothing better to do than throw roadblocks in our

We Creators would rather be promoting a
cause that may be unpopular at this time but will
win in the end, than one that may be populur now
but lose in the end.

The biggest problem we have to contend with
(and correct) is the screwed up thinking of the
White Race itself


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