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Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 6 Num. 89

Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 6 Num. 89


One Trenton Parker, an ex-Marine colonel with CIA connections and
claiming to have inside knowledge as to what actually became of
the Nazi gold horde following World War II, was Tom Valentine's
guest on his nightly radio show, Radio Free America, on July 29,
1993. Parker is described in the Radio Free America catalog of
past programs as follows:

July 29, 1993: A veteran CIA operative claiming to be with an
especially secretive group known as Pegasus, was guest.
Trenton Parker, a "sheep-dipped" Marine Colonel, told of his
role in planning/execution of the "great energy scam" of the
70s when Big Oil drove U.S. independent oil companies out of
business, closed/opened the Suez Canal, created lines at gas
pumps to drive up price of oil, filched stolen gold into the
market by opening the gold window to Americans for 1st time
since 1933, sold weapons to Arab states getting rich from the
oil scam and sealed the deal with Portland cement from Spain.

For further background on Parker, see Rodney Stich's classic
outline of hidden corruption in the U.S. government, Defrauding
America {1}. See also Radio Free America's tape archives of past
programs {2}.

By way of background, it may be helpful to re-acquaint ourselves
with a few things:
(1) Francisco Franco emerged from the Spanish Civil War
(circa 1936) as the undisputed dictator of then-fascist Spain.
Franco had friendly ties to Hitler's Germany.

(2) ODESSA: an abbreviation of Organisation Der Ehemaligen
SS-Angehorigen (German: "Organization of Former SS Members"). The
Encyclopaedia Britannica describes ODESSA, in part, as follows:
"...clandestine escape organization of the SS underground... A
large organizational network was set up to help former SS and
Gestapo members and other high Nazi functionaries to avoid
arrest... to escape from prison, or to be smuggled out of the
country. The main escape routes were (1) through Austria and
Italy, then to Franco's Spain, (2) to Arab countries of the
Middle East, and (3) to South America..."

(3) Martin Bormann: again, quoting in part from the
Encyclopaedia Britannica, "[Bormann] became head of the
administrative machinery of the Nazi Party, and through intrigue,
party infighting, and his shrewd manipulation of Hitler's
weaknesses and eccentricities, he became a shadowy but extremely
powerful presence in the Third Reich... He disappeared shortly
after the death of Hitler, and it was presumed that he was either
dead or in hiding... Later reports, especially in the 1960s,
alleged that Bormann had escaped and had been living in South
America, possibly Paraguay. However, early in 1973 a Berlin
forensic expert established 'with near certainty' that one of two
skeletons unearthed during construction in West Berlin in
December 1972 was that of Bormann, and on April 11, 1973, West
German authorities officially declared him dead."

As is apparent from the Radio Free America catalog excerpt quoted
above, Parker discussed many things during his July 29, 1993
appearance. What follows is the gist of his explanation of what
actually happened to the "lost" Nazi gold horde. For further
details I refer interested readers to the tape of his July 29th
testimony, available from Valentine Communications (see below).

Many of us have heard the story that the Nazi gold was thrown
into a deep lake in Switzerland and sank far down, down to the
bottom. Parker calls this nonsense. The gold, he says, was never
thrown into any lake.
The gold went into Spain, through Martin Bormann's ODESSA.
There it sat, under the watchful eye of Generalisimo Franco.

"A lot of people have never, ever, asked the obvious question:
What deal was struck, in order for Franco to pull out of the Axis
powers during the Second World War?... And the deal was: you get
to be president; we're not going to bother you... There was a
deal struck... Spain became, in effect, a major access and exit
point for a lot of people coming out of Germany at that time."

How does Parker know all this? One Ortega-Perez served as a staff
interpreter for General Eisenhower. The sister of Ortega-Perez
had married one of Franco's physicians. So, one of Franco's
physicians passed what he knew to his wife, who passed it to
Ortega-Perez, who passed it to Eisenhower and/or others in that
group, and from there the information was grabbed hold of by U.S.

Parker insists that Martin Bormann did not die in Germany, as
West German officials had declared. "I can assure you that Martin
Bormann did *not* die in Berlin. He looked very much alive, in
March of 1975, in a villa outside of Madrid, Spain, where I went
to negotiate the liquidation of various tons of gold which were
turned into perfect Krugerrands."

That is the second part of the story: what happened to the gold
after it got to Spain. The gold remained in Spain, in care of
Francisco Franco, until circa 1975. Then, with Franco about to
expire, things began to happen. With Franco nearing his end,
other factors occurred at about this same time; said factors
coalescing to bring about "Phase II" of "What Happened To The
Nazi Gold?" As Parker tells it, the closing of the Suez Canal and
subsequent shortages of "Portland-grade cement" came together as
chips to be used by international power brokers in a complicated
deal. The details of said deal are beyond the scope of this
article. For further information, again, get hold of the tape of
the original, July 29, 1993 broadcast.

"If you'll remember, at this particular point in time, we got rid
of American's not being able to own gold. And the big push was
Krugerrands. And you could buy 'em through Merrill-Lynch and
Hutton and what have you. It's easy to counterfeit perfect
Krugerrands if you've got gold." According to Parker, the gold
was turned into counterfeit Krugerrands and sold in the biggest
potential market of that time: The United States of America.

If you have doubts, then Parker asks you to consider the
following: even though Americans were buying a lot of gold at
that time, because of the sudden legality that now they were
allowed to do so, the price of gold did not climb; it stayed
flat. "The only explanation for *that* is that somebody is bringing
in a new supply of gold."

Tom Valentine, host of Radio Free America, summed it up: "Tons of
Krugerrands, phony Krugerrands, made from the Nazi Germany
gold... This was actually turned into Krugerrands and they put it
into the market."





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