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Speeches and Other Public Statements by Political Leaders of the Third Reich (Holocaust Revisionism) Part 1


As soon as one turns to the topic of the "extermination of the
Jews", one finds that fragments of speeches made by the leading political
figures of the Third Reich, in particular, Hitler and Himmler, are
frequently cited as evidence. The rather strong language used with regard
to the Jews in certain passages of these speeches is simply taken at face
value, and, therefore, assumes an importance it really does not deserve.
Often such passages are taken out of context, and their significance in
relation to the whole text ignored. That has also been done with spoken and
written statements the German leaders of the period made on subjects other
than the Jewish Question.

Especially in the case of Hitler, such statements were made largely
in response to the numerous threats to exterminate the German people
uttered by Allied leaders and Jewish spokesmen. Perhaps the most vociferous
of the latter was Theodore Nathan Kaufman. In a book entitled GERMANY MUST
PERISH (1941), he expounded a plan to wipe out the German people by
sterilizing German men and women. Even better known is the "Morgenthau
Plan". Henry Morgenthau, Secretary of the US Treasury and a personal
advisor to President Roosevelt, thought starvation and economic
strangulation were the best means of getting rid of the German people, and
Roosevelt himself endorsed this plan. Nor should one forget that it was
Professor Friedrich Alexander Lindemann - later Lord Cherwell - who advised
the plan on which the carpet bombing that annihilated countless German
civilians was largely based. Finally, the Soviet "expert on international
law", A.N. Trainin, set forth a plan aimed at wiping out the German "ruling
class" and intelligentsia. His plan led to the London Charter, the basis
for the "jurisdiction" of the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal,
which actually did condemn the German leaders to death and imprisonment.
With the exception of Kaufmann's scheme, all these plans were at least
partially executed. If they were not carried out in full, it was more for
practical than humanitarian reasons.

Besides these very concrete extermination plans, which had no
counterpart on the German side, numerous general statements were made along
the same lines. Only a few of these will be mentioned here.

Perhaps the most famous exhortations to murder are those of
Stalin's Jewish propagandist Ilya Ehrenburg, who expressed such sentiments
as the following:

No longer do we say: "Good morning" or "Good night". In the
morning we say: "Kill a German", and in the evening: "Kill a
Books, love, the stars no longer matter. The only thing that
matters is to kill the Germans. To kill them all. To bury them...
For us there is nothing more beautiful than German corpses. "Kill
a German !" -this is what the old mother begs of you. "Kill a
German!" -this is what a child implores. Germans are not human
beings. Germans are biped animals, disgusting creatures, beasts.
Germans are amoebae, soulless microbes, but equipped with
machines, guns, mortars.
If you have killed a German, kill another -nothing gladdens us
more than German corpses.

That Ehrenburg's exhortations to murder were not without their
effect is well known. What is not well known is that these homicidal
messages were translated into English for the benefit of the onward
marching "Christian Soldiers".

To be sure, his incitements to murder appeared at a time when the
war was at its greatest intensity. But long before the outbreak of war
threats to exterminate the German people were being broadcast around the
world. That is something, by the way, which one ought to take into account
when considering the question of "war guilt".

As early as January 1934, Vladimir Jabotinsky, the founder of
Revisionist Zionism, declared in the Jewish paper NASHA RETCH: "Our Jewish
interests require the final destruction of Germany; the Germans, each and
every one of them, are a danger to us". Likewise, on May 24, 1934, the
publisher of THE AMERICAN HEBREW, a leading Zionist, reportedly told the
American publicist Robert E. Edmondson that Jewry was "going to bring a war
on Germany". And on April 16, 1936, the YOUNGSTOWN JEWISH TIMES
(Youngstown, Ohio), commented that after the next war there would no longer
be a Germany. It predicted that "on signal from Paris", France and Belgium,
as well as the peoples of Czechoslovakia, would be set in motion to attack
the "German colossus", and, in a "deadly pincermovement", sever Prussia
from Bavaria, thus bringing Germany to extinction. (The only difference
between this fantasy and the reality of post-war Germany is that the new
borders were set elsewhere and the German people are not yet extinct,
though they certainly seem to be heading in that direction). Not long
after this article was published, THE AMERICAN HEBREW, in its issue of
April 30, 1937, expressed the same idea in a more general way when it
stated that Germany deserved to be eliminated from the family of nations.
This statement was echoed by the British newspaper THE PEOPLE, which, on
September 3, 1939, described the German people as the "mad dog of Europe",
and demanded their destruction. On the very same day, Churchill purportedly
declared in the House of Commons that this war was England's war and its
aim the destruction of Germany, ending his outburst with the paradoxical
battlecry: "Onward Christian Soldiers!"

No German statesman ever spoke of another people in such terms as
the British hate-monger Lord Vansittart used against the Germans when
attempting to justify the terror bombings: "The only good Germans are dead
Germans, so let the bombs fall!"

Those bombs fell, exactly as intended, on women, children, and old
people alike. This is the background against which one must consider the
angry statements made by German leaders. Although they have inevitably been
associated with the "extermination of the Jews", these statements were
mostly made in response to a torrent of hatred against the German
government and threats to annihilate the German people that was unleashed
even before the war. "Wie man in den Wald hineinruft, so schallt es heraus"
("As ye sow, so shall ye reap"; literally, "As you shout into the woods, so
it echoes forth"). What is more, some of the remarks attributed to the
German leaders are either spurious or have been misrepresented.

There is a vast difference between words and deeds. The attrocities
committed against Germans before, during, and after the war have been
impeccably documented. They even received publicity at the time they
occurred. The same cannot be said of the alleged murder of Jews -especially
since the most prominent Jews, leaders of the Jewish intellectual elite and
political leadership, who would have been the first victims of an actual
extermination plan, survived internment in Auschwitz and other
concentration camps.

But enough of these preliminary remarks. We shall now examine the
relatively few declarations relating to Germany's supposed ambition to
"exterminate the Jews" that come directly from German leaders of the time.
As we shall see, their statements were no worse than any made against the
Germans by the other side.


Hitler quotations are usually introduced with the claim that Hitler
announced his goal of exterminating the Jews by means of lethal gas in MEIN
KAMPF. To support this claim, one cites the following sentences from his

" Hatte man zu Kriegsbeginn und wahrend des Krieges einmal zwolf
- oder funfzehntausend dieser hebraischen Volksverderber so unter
Giftgas gehalten, wie Hunderttausende unserer allerbesten Arbeiter
aus allen Schichten und Berufen es im Felde erdulden muáten, dann
ware das Millionenopfer der Front nicht vergeblich gewesen. Im
Gegenteil: Zwolftausend Schurken zur rechten Zeit beseitigt,
hatte vielleicht einer Million ordentlicher, fur die Zukunft
wertvoller Deutscher das Leben gerettet. "

" If at the beginning of the war and during the war twelve or
fifteen thousand of these Hebrew corruptors of the people had
been held under poision gas, as happened to hundreds of
thousands of our very best German workers in the field, the
sacrifice of millions at the front would not have been in vain.
On the contrary: twelve thousand scoundrels eliminated in time
might have saved the lives of a million real Germans, valuable
for the future. "

These statements are found in Chapter 15 of Volume II, which is
entitled "The Right of Emergency Defense". Here Hitler was attacking
international Marxism, in Germany then led primarily by Jews. He was not
attacking Jews per se, still less advocating their general destruction.
These lines, written in 1925, refer exclusively to a situation that existed
at the end of World War I. From them one cannot infer that Hitler had some
"general idea" of exterminating, let along gassing, the Jews, as Karl
Dietrich Bracher, for example, would have us believe. To interpret them
objectively, one must bear in mind that Hitler is referring to the past,
and, moreover, is discussing a specific situation. These remarks can be
explained only in terms of Hiter's view of why Germany collapsed at the end
of World War I, as well as his own experience of gas warfare (which the
English, by the way, initiated). They should be taken as an emotional
outburst, not as an embryonic plan. Indeed, MEIN KAMPF is for the most part
more propagandistic than programmatic.

This passage from Hitler's book recalls the humanitarian sentiments
that Kurt Tucholsky, a Jew, expressed towards members of the German
middle-class who did not share his peculiar "pacifism":

" Moge das Gas in die Spielstuben eurer Kinder schleichen. Mogen
sie langsam umsinken, die Puppchen. Ich wunsche der Frau des
Kirchenrats und des Chefredakteurs und der Mutter des Bildhauers
und der Schwester des Bankiers, daá sie einen bitteren qualvollen
Tod finden, alle zusammen. "

" May the gas creep into the play-rooms of your children. They
should drop dead slowly, the little dolls. I'd like to see the
wife of the churchwarden and the editor-in-chief and the mother
of the sculptor and the sister of the banker die a bitter,
excruciating death, all of them, together. "

Now, we certainly are not charging that Tucholsky planned or
preached the murder-by-gassing of the German people. Yet it would be
interesting to see how those who accuse Hitler, on the basis of the passage
quoted above, of promoting the murder-by-gassing of the Jewish people would
react to Tucholsky's far more drastic outburst.

The first remarks in which Hitler specifically uses the word
"annihilation" ("Vernichtung") and "eradication" ("Ausrottung") in relation
to "the Jews" or "Jewry" were made in 1939. They were a reaction to world
Jewry's anti-German campaign, which, by that time, had reached a pitch of
frenzy, as shown at the beginning of this section. In particular, Hitler's
Reichstag speech of January 30, 1939 is often cited. There he declared,
inter alia:

" Wenn es dem internationalen Finanzjudentum innerhalb und
auáerhalb Europas gelingen sollte, die Volker noch einmal in
einen Weltkrieg zu sturzen, dann wird das Ergebnis nicht die
Bolschewisierung der Erde und damit der Sieg des Judentums sein,
sondern die Vernichtung der judischen Rasse in Europa. "

" If international finance-Jewry, inside and outside Europe, should
once again succeed in plunging the nations into a world war, the
result will not be the Bolshevization of the earth, and with that
the victory of Jewry, but rather the annihilation of the Jewish
race in Europe. "

Obviously, this statement is nothing more than a response to the
war threats that were constantly being made by influential Zionists. It was
meant as an admonition to those war-mongers. Heinrich Hartle interprets
this text as a sign of Hitler's deep committment to peace. He believes
Hitler did not intend to cause a war in order to annihilate the Jews, but
raised the spectre of their annihilation in order to prevent a war. In
using the word "annihilation", Hitler was only borrowing from the
vocabulary of his Zionist foes. Even if one rejects Hartle's
interpretation, one must not jump to the conclusion that the opposite
interpretation is correct. As noted above, angry words were part of the
vocabulary of the times. The rhetoric of Churchill and Roosevelt was no
less vehement.

When quoted in context -as they seldom are- these remarks show that
Hitler was not really suggesting the physical annihilation of the Jews.
This is how he continued his speech:

" Denn die Zeit der propagandistischen Wehrlosigkeit der
nichtjudischen Volker ist zu Ende. Das nationalsozialistische
Deutschland und das faschistische Italien besitzen jene
Einrichtungen, die es gestatten, wenn notwendig, die Welt uber
das Wesen einer Frage aufzuklaren, die vielen Volkern instinktiv
bewuát, nur wissenschaftlich unklar ist.
Augenblicklich mag das Judentum in gewissen Staaten seine Hetze
betreiben unter dem Schutz einer dort in seinen Handen
befindlichen Presse, des Films, der Rundfunkpropaganda, der
Theater, der Literatur usw. Wenn es diesem Volk aber noch einmal
gelingen sollte, die Millionenmassen der Volker in einen fur
diese ganzlich sinnlosen und nur judischen Interessen dienenden
Kampf zu hetzen, dann wird sich die Wirksamkeit einer Aufklarung
auáern, der in Deutschland allein schon in wenigen Jahren das
Judentum restlos erlegen ist. "

" For the non-Jewish peoples are no longer without the weapon of
propaganda. Both National Socialist Germany and Fascist Italy
have the equipment necessary to enlighten the world about the
nature of a problem that many nations instinctively recognize,
though they may lack a scientific view of it.
For the time being, the Jews may carry on their agitations in
certain states under the cover of the press, cinema, radio,
theatre, literature, etc., which are in their hands. But if the
Jewish nation should once again succeed in goading millions of
people from other nations into a totally senseless war, to serve
only Jewish interests, the efficacy of the kind of enlightenment
that in just a few years utterly defeated the Jews in Germany
will become manifest. "

Thus Hitler's threat was that if another world war broke out,
Zionism would be politically eliminated -by disclosing to the peoples of
the world its role in that catastrophe. He started from the premise -and
we may leave aside the question whether rightly or wrongly- that the
preservation of world peace depended largely on the stance of international
Jewry, which did indeed have an extraordinarily strong influence on nearly
all governments.

Even after the outbreak of war, Hitler continued to make such
threats. These, too, are cited in the literature on our topic as "proof" of
his ambition to exterminate the Jewish people, when, perhaps, they should
be viewed in terms of his repeated attempts to bring the western Allies to
their senses.

For example, on January 30, 1941, Hitler allegedly threatened that,
if another world war broke out, all European Jewry "would be done for" ("im
Falle eines neuen Weltkrieges seine Rolle ausgespielt"). Likewise, in a
speech delivered on January 30, 1942, he reportedly declared that the war
would result in the "extermination of Jewry in Europe" ("die Vernichtung
des Judentums in Europa"). And, on February 24, 1942, he is supposed to
have "prophesied" that through this war Aryan man would not be
exterminated, but the Jew extirpated ("durch diesen Krieg nicht die arische
Menschheit vernichtet, sondern der Jude ausgerottet"). In other speeches,
Hitler made similar untterances, but they are really not worth quoting.

None of these remarks are particularly shocking when compared with
the strongly worded statements Allied leaders and influential Zionists made
along the same lines. As I have said, it was then customary to use strong
language against one's opponents. In any case, Hitler's "prophesies" about
the eradication of the Jews had scarcely been fulfilled at that time, or
even at the end of the war. More importantly, in all of Hitler's speeches
and statements one cannot find a single reference to the alleged homidical
role of the concentration camps, in particular, Auschwitz-Birkenau,
purportedly the center of "systematic mass extermination of the Jews".

In the final analysis, all the allegations regarding Hitler's
"extermination policy" are at odds with a statement he is said to have made
towards the end of the war, on February 13, 1945:

" Wenn ich den Krieg gewinne, so mache ich der judischen Herrschaft
in der Welt ein Ende, ich versetze ihr den Todesstoá. Und wenn
ich diesen Krieg verliere, so werden sie dieses Sieges nicht
froh. Denn die Juden werden daruber den Kopf verlieren. Sie
werden ihre Uberheblichkeit bis zu einem solchen Grade steigern,
daá sie selbst die Reaktion herausforden. "

" If I win the war, I will put an end to Jewish domination of the
world. I will deal it a death-blow. And if I lose this war, they
will not rejoice in their victory. It will go to their heads.
They will increase their arrogance to such a degree that they
themselves will provoke a reaction. "

These remarks are extremely interesting. If the "re-education"
literature is to be believed, the Jews in the German sphere of influence
had already been largely exterminated. According to this statement,
however, Hitler planned merely to end "Jewish domination of the world"
-something quite different from physically destroying the entire race. Thus
even as the war drew to an end, the "extermination of the Jews" could not
have been Hitler's goal. This is also evident from the text of Hitler's
Political Testament that was published by the Nuremberg International
Military Tribunal (Nuremberg Document 3569-PS). Among other things, this
document states:

" Ich habe aber auch keinen Zweiful daruber gelassen, daá wenn die
Volker Europas wieder nur als Aktienpakete dieser internationalen
Geld- und Finanzverschworer angesehen werden, dann auch jenes
Volk zur Verantwortung gezogen werden wird, das der eigentlich
Schuldige an diesem morderischen Ringen ist: das internationale
Judentum! Ich habe weiter keinen daruber in Unklaren gelassen,
daá dieses Mal nicht nur Millionen Kinder von Europaren der
arischen Volker verhungern werden, nicht nur Millionen
erwachsener Manner den Tod erleiden und nicht nur Hunderttausende
an Frauen und Kindern in der Stadten verbrannt und zu Tode
bombardiert werden durften, ohne daá der eigentlich Schuldige,
wenn auch durch humanere Mittel, seine Schuld zu buáen hat. "

" I also made it clear that, if the nations of Europe were again to
be regarded merely as shares to be bought and sold by these
international conspirators of money and finance, then that nation
which is the real guitly part in this murderous struggle
- international Jewry - would be called to account. Moreover, I
made it clear to everybody that this time not only would millions
of children in the European Aryan nations starve to death, not
only would millions of grown men meet their death, and not only
would millions of women and children be burnt and bombed to death
in the cities, but the real culprit would have to pay for his
guilt as well, even though by more human means than war. "

Two things are worth noting here. First, even shortly before his
death Hitler apparently knew nothing about a mass extermination of Jews in
"death camps", for otherwise he would have worded his Political Testament
differently. Second, if Hitler aimed at exterminating the Jews and this had
actually been accomplished, it would have been characteristic of him to
boast triumphantly of the accomplishment. But he only says that the "real
guilty party in this murderous struggle", "international Jewry" -but not
"the Jews" as such- would have to pay for its guilt, "even though by more
humane means than war". Thus Hitler was not reffering to any possibility of
physically eliminating the Jewish people, but anticipating that the Jewish
leader-stratum would receive some kind of punishment, which, in his own
words, would be more "humane" than the slaughter of European soldiers and
civilians in the war. His remarks could apply to the period after the
victory for which he may still have entertained some hope. If so, it should
be understood as a warning to the Jewish leaders and an assignment for his


After Hitler's speeches, it is mainly the speeches of Himmler in
which one seeks to find circumstantial evidence for the alleged racially
motivated murder of the Jews. Speeches and excerpts of speeches of his
supposedly relating to this subject have been published with a commentary
by Agnes F. Peterson and Bradley F. Smith under the rather sensational
title HEINRICH HIMMLER: GEHEIMREDEN 1933 BIS 1945. Of course, it is absurd
to call a speech delivered before a relatively large audience "secret". Nor
is it known whether Himmler ever designated any of his speeches so.
Evidently the title was chosen in the hope of selling more copies of the

According to the "Remarks on the Edition" at the end of the book
these speeches were discovered in the files of the "Personal Staff of the
Reichsfuhrer-SS", which the Americans seized as war booty. Today they are
reportedly in the Bundesarchiv in Coblenz. Before they were returned, they
were microfilmed. Whether they are entirely genuine is open to question.

Himmler was in the habit of formulating his speeches as he went
along, using notes that he had written down himself, which often consisted
of no more than a dozen phrases. According to Peterson and Smith, there are
only four or five completely prepared texts among the documents published
in their collection, but they do not specifiy which one. From the end of
1942, Himmler's speeches were frequently -though not always-
phonographically recorded with two machines. These devices are said to have
worked poorly, leaving big gaps in the recordings. Beginning in 1943,
SS-Untersturmfuhrer Werner Alfred Venn was solely responsible for making
and keeping the transcripts of Himmler's speeches. It is not clear just who
had this duty before. Venn is supposed to have taken down and typed out the
speeches - even making "corrections" (!) in the text, but changing the
meaning "barely or not at all".

One can well imagine the possibilities for error involved in the
preparation of these "documents". What is more, the American officials who
"evaluated" the staff files of the Reichsfuhrer-SS had ample opportunities
to manipulate the papers, and probably took advantage of them, for some of
Himmler's speeches were presented in evidence at the Nuremberg IMT trial.

...PART 2





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