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Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 6 Num. 95

Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 6 Num. 95
("Quid coniuratio est?")



This is Hillary Clinton's week which sees, by a strange
"coincidence", that her book comes out and she is "in the news"
concurrently. This is like with General Colin Powell, who also by
a strange "coincidence" was a media omnipresence just when he
also had a book released. Whatever else happens, my prediction is
that Hillary's book will be a bestseller; that the suckers will
rush out to buy it, just like they did with Powell.

Do you think what I say is far-fetched? Consider that, with media
mergers going on, the people who are publishing Hillary's book
could well be the same ones who give us the news! How about this
for a promotional strategy: (1) release some basically
inconsequential memos, papers, etc.; (2) *then* play up these
releases big time in the "news", as if Hillary is really in hot
water; use inside P.R. connections, publicity agent connections,
and intentional "leaks" to manipulate and trick the press into
thinking "Hoo boy! A big story!" (As noted, any portions of the
media already owned by the publisher can just be told to "play up
this story about 'Hillary in trouble.'"); (3) then just sit back
and watch the saps all rally round Lady Hillary by rushing out to
buy her book.

Will Hillary be subpoenaed? Maybe. But that too will help her
book. Will Hillary be brought to justice for alleged wrongdoing?
*No* *way*. Just like "only the little people pay taxes", so too
Presidents and their wives just smile and act royal for the

*Newsweek* magazine, perhaps linked to the publisher of the First
Lady's book, has a big cover story this week (Jan. 15, 1996
issue) headlined "Saint or Sinner?" In an interview therein,
Hillary comments on Dead Foster: "It's difficult to keep track of
all the spider webs that are spun and the theories and the
innuendoes." What Mrs. Clinton is not realizing is that the death
of Vince Foster has given life to a whole new genre of
literature, "Tales of Dead Foster." She should chin up and see
that Foster's death has been good for literature and for the

Commenting on the late Foster, *Newsweek* tells its readers that
Foster's "suicide note suggests he was agonizing over Travelgate
on the day of his death." But hey *Newsweek*, ain't ya heard?
Handwriting analysis by renowned experts proves that *Foster*
*did* *not* *write* *the* *note*!! Or are you like White House
Press Secretary McCurry who, when this anomaly was brought to his
attention, huffed that he doesn't deal with "conspiracy theories"
and immediately walked out?

The book by Mrs. Clinton derives its title from "an old African
proverb" -- "It takes a village to raise a child." Based on
excerpts published in *Newsweek*, *It Takes a Village* appears to
be Hillary beating the drum for socialism. It seems to me that
she really believes what she is peddling here, and does not
realize how national socialism is just a trojan horse hiding
tyranny. Yes, Hillary, just like in the Beach Boys song,
"Wouldn't it be nice" -- Wouldn't it be nice if socialism worked?
*The* flaw in what the First Lady is promoting is her implicit,
underlying assumption that socialism works.

Hey Hillary, do you really want to do something good, like they
say you do? Well then there is this fellow named Billy R. Dale
who really went through a hard time these past couple years.
Maybe you could show us you are more than hot air by seeing what
you could do there.





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