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ONI CIA and Mossad in an Assassination Plot Against Bill Clinton? (December 23, 1994)

Anyone have any comment or additional info or hearsay regarding it?

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[ Author was David Stern ]
[ Posted on Fri, 23 Dec 1994 20:09:46 -0800 (PST) ]

"Operation Mount Rushmore"...Was it cancelled,
or just placed on hold?"

(COPI) San Francisco - An alleged assassination plot against
Presidential Candidate Bill Clinton, scheduled to take place
during his visit here in the summer of 1992, was foiled at the
last minute by a leak, according to sources quoted in the second
edition of Defrauding America, by Rodney Stich.

Code-named "Operation Mount Rushmore", the alleged plot invloved
agents and officials within the Central Intelligence Agency
(CIA), Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), the Republican Party,
and the Mossad, Israel's Intelligence Service. Also alleged to
be involved in financing and planning were associates of the
Heller, Ehrman, White, and McCauluiffe law firm, a prestegious
firm that sources have claimed houses a number of Mossad agents.
Financing is alleged to have come from EIC in nearby Redwood
City, and its owner, Chan Wang.

The information in Mr. Stich's book came primarily from two
sources, both from intelligence agencies, who independantly
reported essentially the same details.

The primary source for the story is referred to in the book as
"Agent X", but the context of his story identifies "Agent X" as
Lt. Cmdr. Robert Hunt, ONI. Mr. Hunt's credentials are
rigorously documented in the book, and include a letter from
President Bill Clinton, dated November 22, 1993, ironically the
thirtieth anniversary of the assassination of JFK. The letter
addresses Lt. Cmdr. Hunt by name and agency, and appears to be
intended as a letter of support and sympathy for his
predicament. Mr. Hunt had been imprsoned for nearly a year,
allegedly for refusing to testify about a joint CIA-ONI
operation designed to test the security of submarine operations.

According to Hunt, an assassination team used for "cleanup" in
other controversial intelligence operations was assembled at the
Presidio. Hunt described the operation this way:

"I was ordered last summer [July, 1992] to go to San Francisco
by Graham Fuller, CIA; Dick Pealer, ONI; and John Kaplin, CIA.
These people were my handlers. I was told to go to the Bay
Area. I flew from NAS [Naval Air Station] Norfolk to NAS
Alameda, where I was to meet another Agent He was the C1A
station chief for SF [San Francisco]. His name is Robert
Larson. He made arrangements for me at the Presidio. The next
day the team arrived, and I wondered why this hit team was in
town. I got a call from a woman who said she was Mossad and we
needed to meet. So we did; we had lunch. I asked her, her
name, and she said it was Anna Colburn. I later found out her
real name was Yossi Jameir. We talked about why I was in town,
and I asked for what reason. She said they wanted to hit

When he asked for the technical details, Mr. Hunt says he was
told that, "they would be operating out of Republican
Headquarters on Van Ness Avenue, where they could monitor all
political moves by Clinton. The lady who would oversee this was
Joann Stanhope for the Republican Party. She is also CIA."

When asked who would fund the operation, he said, "A man by the
name of Chan Wang. He belongs to an organization called The
Eagles. He also owns a real estate company called EIC in
Redwood City. The man who would be his in-between was also CIA.
His name was Bok Pon. Gene Ferfethen also sponsored this
operation. He owned a winery in Napa. He is one of Wang's

"[Pok] told me that Yosi worked for a major law firm called
Heller Ehrman [Heller, Erman, White, and McCauliffe], and that
this firm would handle everything we may need, such as safe-
houses, equipment, money, travel, etc. I later found out a
major Mossad team was working from the law firm."

Describing the operation, itself, Hunt said, "Knowing Clinton
was coming to town in the next few weeks, we set up shop.
Weapons, escape routs, rendezvous, etc. Clinton was expected to
come and stay at the Ritz Carlton. That's when we were going to
do it. My men and I took up a position across the street from
the Carlton before Clinton's arrival. We photographed the whole
area for best possible results. Anyway, three weeks before he
was due to arrive, word had it there was a leak. Where, was
unknown. So my team and I pulled out in fear of being caught.
That night we were told to eliminate all factions involved,
including the Mossad agents. This order was given by Bob
Larson, [CIA] station chief; San Francisco." (Larson was later
transferred to a position in the Caribbean, and known as

"The next morning the team and I went to the law firm looking
for Yossi. She was not there. She was the first one we were to
hit from the firm. We went to her home where we found her.
Three of us: myself John Aldridge, and Phil Burgess, went in and
asked what happened. She didn't know. We told her that we were
going to kill her if she didn't talk. Well, she didn't talk.
Then you can see what happened next." (Hunt had earlier stated
that after the operation, he "never saw that Mossad Agent

Asked about Mossad reaction to the killing of one of its agents,
Hunt said, "We never had any repercussions on it. I had a list
of people. l had a guy by the name of Chan Wang I had to take
care of. I had Stanhope to take care of. I had Yossi to take
care of. I had the security guard to take care of. And if
worse came to worse, we were going to take care of the whole law
firm itself. Almost like a condor situation."

Hunt continued to describe the "cleanup": "Next target: Bok
Pan. We met him at the office of EIC, hoping to get Wang too.
Well, Wang wasn't there, but Bok was. We took him and drove
north to talk. We went to the Peppermint in Sarrnmonte just
south of Daly City. He said he knew nothing. Then we took Bok
over into Mill Valley on the other side of the Golden Gate,
where he is now buried in a hill."

"Next target: Joann Stanhope. Just as we were about to get her,
I get a call on my pager from Flashboard. When I called, they
said, 'stop operations.' When I asked the reason why, they said
they found the leak."

"The leak came from a security guard where Heller Erman had
their office. One of the Mossad agents was dating this guard.
Our job was to, of course, take care of it. So that night when
he got off work at midnight, and he went to catch the Bart train
at Market to go home, my friend and I grabbed him and threw him
in front of a BART train on Market Street. They thought he
committed suicide."

Rodney Stich, the author of the book, states, "CIA documents in
my possession establish his intelligence agency connections and
officer status. Other CIA contacts confirm Agent X was CIA. He
had nothing to gain by giving me the information that he did.
Reference to covert CIA operatives who Agent X stated were part
of the operation were confirmed as actual CIA operatives by
(Gunther) Russbacher and other CIA contacts. Russbacher
confirmed several times to me that Operation Mount Rushmore did
exist, and that several people were killed in the operation."

Russbacher's ONI and CIA credentials are also rigorously
documented elsewhere in the book. When he spoke of Operation
Mount Rushmore, he said that it was not called off, but only
placed on hold. When asked about Russbacher's intentions, Hunt
said, "Well, it could have been put on hold, (but) my part in it
was pulled out."

When contacted, Secret Service Branch of Los Angeles declined to
comment on the story, referring the inquiry to the Public
Affairs office in Washington, D.C. An official contacted there,
when told about the story, denied any knowledge of it, and
stated that if the San Francisco office were contacted, that
they too would refer back to the Public Relations Office.

Calls to the San Francisco Transit Authority were referred to
thier legal department. Repeated calls to the legal department
were not returned, though they were promised.

Suicides are fairly common on mass transit rails. When Mr.
Stich contacted the Transit Authority, he was sent two lists of
names of people who comitted suicide on the lines over a several
week period. There were more names on the second list, though
the time frame was the same. Mr. Stich has been unable to
confirm whether or not a security guard was among the victims,
due to a lack of resources. He invites activist volunteers to
assist him in this matter.

Mr. Ferfethen was not listed with directory assistance in Napa.

Mr. Wang's business is apparently closed for the weekend.





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