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Auto History & More About Classic Cars

Classic cars have remained popular over the years because of their timeless designs and overall reliability. Car enthusiasts love restoring old cars because it is a great way to express their creativity while creating something beautiful. For classic car lovers, there are many clubs throughout the United States that bring together like-minded people to do automobile-related activities. Some of the best car clubs in the country meet frequently to discuss automotive history, repair, and memorabilia.

Chesapeake Region Antique Auto Club of America

This helpful list includes links to local auto clubs, information about Baltimore, and links related to old films and Model T cars.

Lancaster Old Car Club

Find links to technical pages about old cars, memorabilia, and sources to find car shows and links to national car clubs.

White Squirrel Cruisers: Links to Car Club Sites and Cheap Car Parts Online

This page includes a list of helpful resources for car-lovers as well as links to local car clubs and general sites about old cars.

Tarheel T's Resource List

The Tarheel T's are a local Model T club based out of Reidsville, NC.

Santa Clara Valley Chapter Model A Ford Club of America

The SCVC has been a club since the 1960s and holds regular events. This site includes a helpful list of resources as well information about the Model A.

Find Discount Auto Parts with the Classic Glass Corvette Club: Marietta Georgia

The website of this national car club includes links to relevant magazines, Corvette merchandise, personal members' sites, and much more.

Cherokee Strip Corvette Club

The Cherokee Strip Corvette Club website provides a list of other Corvette clubs in Arkansas, Kansas, Texas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

The American Dream Vette Club: General Links, Clubs, and Discount Auto Parts

Find a list of helpful links to local Corvette car clubs, information about the Corvette model, and websites to purchase parts for your Corvette.

Lakeshore Corvette Club in Holland, Michigan

On this page, you will find links to other Corvette clubs and general information about the history and care that goes with a Chevrolet Corvette.

Grand Sport Registry: Links to Museums, Blogs, and Cheap Car Parts Online

Visit several Corvette websites recommended by the Grand Sport Registry, such as Corvette forums, museums, and links to car parts and accessories.

The Road Poet: Links to Corvette Information and Discount Auto Parts

In this list, find information about national car clubs, registry sites, and much more.

Auto Resource Toolkit: Locate Nearby Car Clubs and Cheap Car Parts Online

This resource list includes links for car clubs and places to buy Corvette parts and accessories.

Buy Cheap Car Parts Online For Your Corvette

On this page, you will find links about hybrid and electric cars as well as places to buy discount car parts.

Auto Resources

Find a variety of informative sources on eco-friendly vehicles here.

All About Alternative Energy: Discount Auto Parts, Organizations, Electronics, and More

If you're interested in alternative energy, this resource list is sure to be helpful. It includes links to companies that sell alternative energy products, battery manufacturers, education, magazines, and more.

Find Cheap Car Parts Online For Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

This page includes a list of links to information about electric cars.

Simple Living Institute: Resources for Alternative Energy and Discount Auto Parts

The Simple Living Institute is a foundation that was created to promote sustainability in Florida. This article describes how to minimize your car's environmental impact by cutting down on miles, carpooling, and choosing fuel-efficient vehicles.

The Most Underrated Cars: From Sedans to Minivans

Read about how budget-friendly cars like the Ford Fusion, Hyundai Genesis, and Buick LaCrosse are actually great cars to own.

Newburyport Public Library: Teen Loft Links

These links related to science, math, history, geography, sports, art, and art history are sure to be helpful to teens who need help with their homework.

Safety First: Tips to Childproof Your Car

Learn how to make your car as safe as possible for your little one. Tips include preparing the car by removing dangerous objects, learning the LATCH car seat system, and memorizing the symptoms of a heat stroke.

Harris Links: Links to Automotive Websites, Cheap Car Parts Online, and More

This master list of links includes a few links to car part websites under the "Automotive-Maintenance" section.

The Magic World of Comet

Learn all about the history of the Edsel Comet. This page contains photos and a transcript of an article about the car from 1959.

Buyer's Guides, Car Care, Discount Auto Parts, and Other General Information

This page is helpful for people interested in buying a car. It includes a list of buyer's guides, general information about auto parts, car insurance information, and more.

10 Painless Ways to Save Money Now

Learn how to easily save money from this article by the AARP.

Basic Car Buying and Discount Auto Parts

Discover which factors to consider when buying a car, such as the existing mileage, insurance rate, and availability of replacement parts.

Be Part of the Club: Links To Clubs, Articles, and Discount Auto Parts for Historical Car Enthusiasts

Historical car enthusiasts will enjoy this article with links to Corvette clubs, affordable car parts, informational articles, and much more.

Be Part of the Solution: Car Safety for Every Driver

All drivers could benefit from reading through this list, which includes links to information about drunk driving, child safety, and bad-weather driving.

Car Parts Working Together: The Science Behind the Wheel

This list of links contains information about the mechanical process that makes cars run.

General Car Maintenance, Discount Auto Parts, and Resources

Learn how to properly maintain a car using the resources provided in this article.

Executive of Japanese Automotive Parts Manufacturer Indicted For Role in Conspiracy to Fix Prices

This report from the FBI details an account from a Japanese manufacturer that was indicted on a fraud charge.

Automotive Technology Service, Parts, and Sales Consultant Certificate

This certificate option from South Plains College is designed to prepare new graduates for employment in the automotive industry.

Automotive Supply Co.

Automotive Supply Co. supplies Rutland, Vermont, with car parts, oil changes, motor diagnostics, and much more.

Career Facts: Collision Repair Technician

Lansing Community College offers this program for a collision repair technician.

Auto Parts Storekeeper

This job listing for an auto parts storekeeper details the day-to-day activities of the position, including maintaining the parts catalog system and inspecting shipments of auto parts.

Automotive Body Repair

The automotive body repair program from Laramie County Community College is designed to prepare students to go into the automotive repair business.

Automotive Parts Specialist

Read about how to become an automotive parts specialist from this program offered by Red River Technology Center.

Auto Insurers Requiring Use of Aftermarket Parts

This page describes the use of aftermarket auto parts in the United States.

Autobody/Collision Repair Technician Certificate

Houston Community College offers this technician certificate, which prepares students to repair, reconstruct, and refinish automobiles.

Automotive Technology: South Seattle College

The automotive technology program from South Seattle College is designed to help students learn to work on automobiles.

Advance Auto Parts Exposes Workers to Asbestos, Mold Hazards

This report from the United States Department of Labor describes an incident reported from Advance Auto Parts.

U.S. Auto Parts News

Cal State L.A. alumnus Michael Yoshida was promoted to CFO of U.S. Auto Parts Network.

American Auto Part Labeling Act Reports

These reports are used as an aid for consumers buying a new vehicle

Automotive Degree Plan

This program from Austin Community College prepares students to become an automotive technician.

Auto Body Collision Technology

Students at Hennepin Technical College will learn how to diagnose and repair vehicles in this degree program.

Auto Parts Specialist Certificate

A certificate from Red Rocks Community College helps students to become an auto parts specialist.

Eligible Training Provider System

Texas State Technical College offers a two-year certificate program for an automotive parts specialist.

Auto Parts Techniques

This course is designed to introduce the student to automotive parts systems, research, computer literacy, and more.

Requirements for Importing a Vehicle/Vehicle Parts

Anyone interested in importing a vehicle or vehicle parts should read through this requirements page from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website.

Certification Requirements

Learn what courses are required for an auto parts specialist certificate here.

Light Duty Auto Parts

This purchase agreement through the California-led Western States Contracting Alliance includes light-duty auto parts.

Auto Collision Repair and Refinish Technician

A one-year technical diploma program from Madison Area Technical College teaches students how to repair automotive vehicles that have been in collisions.

Automotive Parts Specialist

This certificate of proficiency from Eastern Arizona College was created to help students develop the skills necessary to work in the automotive parts field.

SL Auto Parts

SL Auto Parts is an auto shop located in Rancho Cordova, California.

Automotive Technical Services: Autobody Repair

Students enrolled in this program from Hudson Valley Community College will graduate with the skills needed to repair automobiles.

Automotive Technology

This degree program from Nicolet College is designed to prepare students to work at automotive dealerships and repair shops.

Auto Body Repairs and Replacement Parts

A fact sheet from the state of California looks at visiting auto body repair shops and ordering replacement parts.

Automotive Body Repair

St. Philip's College provides students with a list of automotive degree/certificate/diploma programs offered by the school.

Car Maintenance Cost Analyzer

On this page, you will learn how to calculate how much it costs to repair and maintain your car.


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